May’s UFO Finished

One thing I like about this challenge is that it keeps me from setting my quilts aside to finish something for someone else. Last year I had a goal of finishing 12 UFO’s but fell short because I put off my quilts.

Tonight I finished the binding on this HeartStrings quilt of mine which is my UFO for this month.

As I had it laying on the floor to trim – I couldn’t resist snapping another photo of the quilting. I love all the texture.

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  • Susan Denton:

    This is great texture. I know it’s Dwirling, ( yep, have the DVD and books)
    and you do it like you invented it! Tell me– the swirls, do you alternate them, or several per row– they seem so well-spaced out. I’ve got a string quilt coming that I need to quilt for the Chemo unit at the hospital– so just wondering about how you space the swirls.

  • Funny, I’m just putting the last stitches in my May UFO! I haven’t done too good on the Numbered UFO’s but have finished more quilts this year than I had around this time last year. I like the swirls!

  • Anna:

    Great Quilt Mary,

    I am thinking that this would be a great project for our guild doantion quilts. We do a challenge quilt for the Hospitality House for the cancer patients every year and this would be a good option for us to do.

  • Penny:

    The texture is lovely. Being an advanced beginner, I am continually amazed how the quilting transforms a quilt. I do so hope one day to be able to quilt like you and not just straight walking foot quilting.

  • debrak:

    I have to smile because I was going to mention your masterful dwirling as well. Beautiful quilt. A sea of color.

  • Love this beautiful Heart Strings quilt. The blue colors, especially the lighter blues have a bit of an icy blue neon effect. Reds have a neon effect, too. Is it the lighting or simply how these colors play together in the heart patterns on this quilt? Quilting swirls very nice.

  • Pat:

    Beautiful quilt Mary! Thanks for showing a close-up of the quilting. I have a donation quilt loaded right now and white-board confident enough to give the dwirling a try.

    Happy to hear you’ve been able to find a way to get your own quilts on the priority list too. 🙂

  • Sue:

    I, too, love the texture. That’s the thing I hate about hanging quilts high…you don’t get to see (or feel!) the quilting.

  • This quilt is beautiful and inspiring! Nice work!

  • Mmmmmm- lovely cool colors. It’s in the 90’s here today, looking at your quilt cooled me off a bit. Wonderful quilting design.

  • Such a colorful and happy quilt – and the quilting is wonderful.

  • char:

    Beautiful, love the quilting.

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