How about some more texture?

Maybe it’s the time of day I’m trimming these last couple quilts but the light is really showing off the quilting texture.

Again, the pantograph is Lush Leaves and I think it has such a pretty shape.


17 thoughts on “How about some more texture?

  1. Laila Kristin Skauge

    It looks gorgeous! I haven’t quilted mine yet, but hope to get time to practise a bit soon, and maybe finish it during this Summer.
    Wish you a great weekend, Mary!

  2. debrak

    I’ve yet to use a panto. I may have to try this one just so I can say I have. I love the look of it. Your quilt is beautiful.

  3. Darlene B

    I actually love pantos! I think they can add texture (as shown in your picture) and enhance the quilt without overpowering the pattern. Your quilt looks great!

  4. Cheri

    Great texture! I wish more photos would show the quilting. It’s such an important aspect of the finished product, and usually you can’t see it in the photos. You do a great job of showing it.

  5. Pat

    Beautifully done. The colors work with the pattern and the quilting works with it all. Lovely quilt!

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