It’s raining now BUT

It was beautiful earlier and we got the bikes out and rode to the lakes. About 11 miles roundtrip (with a little assistance from my electric bike). They’ve opened up the trail all the way to the river so it’s much easier for us to pick it up now that we don’t have to ride through downtown.

Now I’m going to head upstairs and do a little piecing before cooking dinner.

3 thoughts on “It’s raining now BUT

  1. Judith

    Is that typical of your weather at the this time of year? We are having some very wet weather at the moment. This is most unusual as from May we normally have good weather. Lots of sunshine. The last two to three days have been awful. Rain, thunder and lightening, the works. I really feel sorry for the tourists, especialy the ones with children.
    Anyway it nice to see you getting out and about on your new electric bike. Enjoy.

  2. Cathy

    I love the bike trails in the Twin Cities. We can now take the North Star light rail to Downtown with the bikes and enjoy all the trails from the stadium.

    You are going to miss it I’m sure.

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