Bound and labeled

I love this quilt! I was worried about how all the greens would play together but I’m glad I didn’t limit them to just olive shades as I started to originally.

Click here for Forest Brick Instructions

This will be donated here in Minneapolis for a Returning Warrior weekend this summer.


11 thoughts on “Bound and labeled

  1. Gail

    It is always nice to see that things don’t all have to be in the same family (olives), this quilt proves the point beautifully, it wouldn’t have nearly the appeal if the greens were all similar. Nice job.

  2. Pat Chubb

    I am not normally a big fan of green, but this is just beautiful! Then I saw Mary W’s comment about black and batiks and I want to do one of those too! I will have to live forever to do all the quilts I want to do.

  3. Robin

    I am so excited to see that this one will be coming to be for the Returning Warrior Weekend. It is going to be a great addition. Thanks!

  4. Barb in FL/MI

    Mary, all the variety makes it ‘sparkle’ so adding the different greens really worked well. Love it!

  5. Judy D in AZ

    Thanks for including the pattern for this great quilt. Yours is wonderful. I see how useful this pattern is.

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