I just love this quilt

I know a scrappy quilt like this isn’t to everyone’s taste but I just love everything about this one. The log cabin blocks, the sashing, the quilting, and the pieced back – knowing that the blocks were all from leftover strips and strings just makes it even more fun for me.


You can see how I make my log cabin blocks on theStrips and Strings Log Cabin page of my website and the sashing and border for this one are cut 2.5 inches.

17 Responses to “I just love this quilt”

  • Lee:

    I love the scrappiness of this quilt too!! love the blue sashing makes the rest pop!!

  • I love the blue, it makes the scraps pop. I have a tendency to do boring whites and creams when I do scraps. Will have to broaden my horizons. Selina

  • I like that kind of quilt a lot. I love the bright blue that you used for the sashing.

  • I really like this scrappy look and especially like that royal blue sashing to make the other colors pop.

  • Linda in NE:

    I like how bright and colorful it is. The bright blue sashing really pulls it all together.

  • Lori in Tucson:

    Well, I’ve got to tell you that a scrappy quilt such as this is one that is to my liking. I just love it. Lori

  • Cindy in NC:

    What a happy quilt! One of the many reasons I love scrap quilts is that they truly represent what a quilt should be — something useful and beautiful made out of what would otherwise be discarded.

  • Mary,
    It is a beautiful quilt!
    I am hoping everyone got in their donnations as tomorrow is the drawing! 🙂
    I am so grateful that you have had such a giving heart!
    We personally know of ones affected by the tornado’s!
    It ‘s been hard however…
    many as in ones like you have extended a helping hand in so many ways to these during this time!

  • Lisa:

    I like it too… bright and colorful and funky and fun 🙂

  • Sara:

    What a cheerful and friendly quilt. Someone will well love that one!

  • The blue does it, so bright and cheerful. It makes the other colours dance.

  • Anna:

    I love scrappy quilts and have started one of my own with leftover scraps from welding hats that I make.

  • Sue:

    I agree with the other comments that the blue is a great choice for the sashing. The squares and the “wonkiness” really stand out. The lucky new owner is going to love this quilt!

  • Louise:

    It is to my liking! I love the blue in it!

  • The bright blue really makes it pop!

  • LOVE IT! But, you always come up with pretty quilts.

    BTW–do you need my address to send it to?

  • I love these type quilts that you make ! I am a hand quilter that enjoys the patchwork look.

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