There’s a winner!

Thanks to everyone who joined me in donating to the Red Cross to help those affected by the disasters this spring.

I’ve just emailed Lori-Marie to let her know she’s won the quilt and I’ll get it shipped off to her next week once she sends me her mailing address.


One thought on “There’s a winner!

  1. Lori-Marie

    Dear Mary,
    I want to thank you so much for this special give-away!
    I am thankful for the beautiful quilt that you are sharing & the thought & heart that you had to help others in this way!
    I am thankful as well to all the others who donated to the
    ‘Red-Cross’ to provide help for so many in need!
    I will be posting a pic with the beautiful quilt in it’s new home when it arrives! 🙂
    May I also say I am still in shock to the fact that ….
    “I am going to have this lovely quilt”! YEAH! Smile! 🙂
    Thank you Mary!

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