Mom’s fans

Since I’m not quilting today, I thought I’d share Mom’s fan top she just completed. She thinks it’s kind of plain but I love how it turned out. I cut the blades for her with my Accuquilt GO Dresden Plate die and she used a setting from one of my Bethany Reynolds’ books.


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  • I love blue and white quilts and your mom’s is lovely. I wouldn’t call this one “plain” at all… it has a serene feeling… and looks perfect to snuggle under!

  • Mrs. JP:

    Plain?! No way,,it is beautiful. This is my fist visit to your blog. I admired one of the quilt patterns from your website and had to visit. I am inspired now!

  • I love it and can’t wait to see how you are going to quilt it for her.

  • Penny:

    Once you have quilted it, your Mum is sure to love it! It looks lovely now.

  • Pat Chubb:

    I really really like it. It comes across as very peaceful and serene.

  • I love blue and white…what a pretty quilt!

  • It’s lovely. In fact, it would look perfect on the bed in my studio. So if it goes missing, well, I’m not saying it’s here, but…

  • Robin:

    As so many others have commented the blue and white combo is very peaceful. You and your mom make a great team!

  • Hi Mary
    Your Mother’s quilt is superb. I just love traditional two colour quilts. When you have quilted it it will love double superb

  • Cindy B.:

    What a wonderful top! Could you post a pic of the wall hanging above the bed as well?

  • Kathie L:

    Its beautiful, everything doesn’t have to have tons of color.

  • I think it looks lovely! I love how it turned out!

  • Kristy Wilkinson:

    Simple and elegant even before quilting! Blues are good for bedrooms, gives them that peaceful feeling. Kayaking looked peaceful too! Thanks for sharing.

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