Mom’s fans

Since I’m not quilting today, I thought I’d share Mom’s fan top she just completed. She thinks it’s kind of plain but I love how it turned out. I cut the blades for her with my Accuquilt GO Dresden Plate die and she used a setting from one of my Bethany Reynolds’ books.


13 thoughts on “Mom’s fans

  1. ImperaMagna

    I love blue and white quilts and your mom’s is lovely. I wouldn’t call this one “plain” at all… it has a serene feeling… and looks perfect to snuggle under!

  2. Mrs. JP

    Plain?! No way,,it is beautiful. This is my fist visit to your blog. I admired one of the quilt patterns from your website and had to visit. I am inspired now!

  3. Desiree

    It’s lovely. In fact, it would look perfect on the bed in my studio. So if it goes missing, well, I’m not saying it’s here, but…

  4. Robin

    As so many others have commented the blue and white combo is very peaceful. You and your mom make a great team!

  5. Linda Bishop

    Hi Mary
    Your Mother’s quilt is superb. I just love traditional two colour quilts. When you have quilted it it will love double superb

  6. Kristy Wilkinson

    Simple and elegant even before quilting! Blues are good for bedrooms, gives them that peaceful feeling. Kayaking looked peaceful too! Thanks for sharing.

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