June’s UFO is done

Today I pieced a couple backings and then got the binding done on my UFO for Judy’s Challenge. I mentioned earlier in the month that this was the quilt that inspired me to start my website and offer my instruction sheets after so many people requested the pattern. I’m so happy to have this finished – it’s one of my older UFO’s.

You can see a little more of the quilting in this photo.

It’s been very unusual for me but the last several quilts I’ve worked on have not had the binding cut and set aside. It’s been my habit to at least cut the binding when I complete a top but obviously I fell down on the job. Luckily, I have a lot of olive green in my stash and was able to find one that works here.

19 thoughts on “June’s UFO is done

  1. Anna

    I really like this quilt. I am so jealous, wish I could stay home and sew but works calls. I have 7 tops completed and ready to be sent to the quilter. I am finishing up my last class for college and then I will have more time to sew my heart out.

  2. Darcie

    I love the olive green for the setting of this quilt! I love olive green but don’t think that I’ve ever used it quite like this. Well done, Mary! It just sparkles!

  3. Nancy

    I agree that the olive green was the perfect choice for the blocks. The blocks sparkle like gems surrounded by the olive green. Great finish, Mary

  4. Sue

    That really is a beautiful quilt – scrap or not! And the olive green was the perfect choice for the binding…congrats on finally finishing it!

  5. Donna~~

    Love the optical illusion effect in the blocks! Congrats on a great finish! Lucky that you had such a perfect green for the binding!

  6. Darlene

    I too love this quilt with it’s perfect quilting and setting. Where do I find the pattern for it??? Thanks Dar

  7. Judy Laquidara

    Love that greenish, goldish, brown in that quilt. What color is close to really? Sometimes between the camera and the monitor, it’s hard to tell but I know I love it! Beautiful quilt and congrats on getting it finished.

  8. Amy (NW WI)

    Oh wow Mary; this quilt is amazing and THANK YOU for the link to your pattern. Somehow, this one escaped me, but it has been faithfully added to my list of “patterns to make someday.”
    LOVE the sashing fabric; it is a wonderful example of how I need to venture away from my “safe white” sashing….

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