Allover quilting

I’m usually pretty good about choosing a pantograph or allover freehand pattern that suits a particular quilt but some are harder than others. For half a second while I was piecing the Churn Dash and Star quilt I thought about not doing an overall but it’s a gift for a non quilter and I really didn’t want dense quilting (to keep it cuddly) so….today when I loaded the top, I looked through all my pantographs for something that wouldn’t compete with the piecing.

Did I choose right? Hard to tell at this point, I guess we’ll know when I’m done.

The pantograph is Orange Peel by Willow Leaf Studio


9 thoughts on “Allover quilting

  1. Cyndi Holguin

    I love that panto I have it. it is so cool for those fluffy quilts. I love it so far on your quilt.

  2. Dianne King

    It looks really good, Mary. Churn Dash is such a nice, simple, old-fashioned design…really lovely…and I think the simplicity of your quilting pantograph is a good complement to it.

  3. Evelyn

    I love a soft, snuggly quilt that is not too densely quilted – I think you picked the perfect panto to achieve that result! Cheers! Evelyn

  4. Beth in AZ

    I think this suits the quilt just fine. Its such a pretty pattern, you want the piecing to stand on its own. I know us quilters want the quilting to stand out..but not this time! Let those stars shine! (oh..and I love Love LOVE the circle illusion! The quilting echos the circles!)

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