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Today’s tasks – binding and assembling

I’m not done assembling the RWB Heartstrings blocks yet but I did finish the binding on this HeartStrings quilt. Asssembled by Sue, blocks by Anne — here’s another one for Robin’s project.

Keith’s home

I had a lazy day – some online research and reading while I was waiting for Keith to arrive home from London today. I didn’t sew a single stitch!

I started looking through some of my photo’s to pair up with my research and I’ve been surprised at how many older family photos I have — they’re not the best quality but I’m really glad to have them.

I thought I’d share just a few here tonight — all starring me of course! You can click on any of the photos for a larger view. I wonder if you can pick me out of the group photos? There are two of me on the beach — definitely the best I’ve ever looked in a swimsuit (and Mom looks kind of sexy too!).

Making progress

Another Item checked off my list today — I finished this set of HeartStrings blocks. Then I promptly added assembling the top to the list. I was tempted to set them aside for now but over the last several years I’ve done really well with making myself get blocks into a top before moving on so I’m going to keep this on the list until it’s assembled.


I also managed a bike ride and worked on a binding.

I so didn’t want to walk

But I’m glad I did, it’s beautiful today — so unlike yesterday when it was SO hot. I’m fortunate to have such a beautiful place to walk right out my door.



Returning home is like coming back to a little enclosed garden.


And since Keith is in London I thought I’d send him a photo to say hi — how anyone gets an attractive photo holding the camera at arms length is a mystery to me!


I’m running late

Up all night so I slept late but I’m making progress on my family tree research — and today on my quilting. I am going to head out for a walk now but I’m just going to do 3 miles.

I don’t usually get my tops done so quickly but I decided this would be a good one for Robin’s Returning Warriors project. Just the binding left on this and one other now and I’ll be finished with my commitment for that project.

Quilted with the pantograph Seaweed and ready for trimming — this panto is another one that gives great texture.

The blocks are my string log cabin blocks and the sashing and border are cut 2.5 inches. I also did another one of my favorite easy backings — a strippie version I use sometimes when I need a little extra length and can’t get it from the Width of Fabric of two pieces.

Today was mostly scut work

I pieced a back, made and machine stitched bindings on two quilts to get them ready for finishing by hand, and loaded my next top on the longarm.

I had plans to do an 8 mile walk but after taking Chesty out, decided to check the temp — 101 — so I decided I’d walk to the library for a couple hours instead and do my walk later this week.

When I got home I handstitched the first binding down. The top was pieced by Kathy and will be donated to Robin’s Returning Warriors project – I just have two more to finish up for that project – one more that needs the handstitching on the binding and the one on the longarm which is good because I’m traveling again next week.

I thought I’d share one more photo from the Heart Walk on Saturday – taken by one of Keith’s coworkers.

Checking things off the list

I was surprised that several of you thought my summer list was ambitious — I thought it was very moderate and am hoping I get more done than planned because although I’d finished all but two HeartStrings tops a few months ago, I’ve been getting lots in and I’d like to get as many done as I can (although some might end up going to other volunteers to finish).

Tonight I marked off May and June’s postcards for our family exchange. I’m not all that pleased with the way the fused fabric looks on the sailboat. I’ve been alternating between embroidering through the peltex and just the fabric and then fusing to the peltex and while I like embroidering through the fabric only – I’m finding it harder to get smooth. The ribbon embroidery was done through both fabric and peltex.

A HeartStrings RWB quilt

This one was pieced by Sue from donated blocks – maybe from Anne but I need to confirm that with Sue to be sure.  Isn’t the layout great?

Quilted today, once it’s bound and labeled it will be donated via Robin for a Returning Warrior weekend here in Minnesota.

A closer photo of the swirly dwirling quilting from the Pajama Quilter DVD

I also got another one trimmed so that’s two ready for binding – I might get one started tonight after Keith leaves.

As I was quilting this one I realized that I tend to use one of 4 designs on these RWB soldier/veteran quilts. Freehand – I use this swirly dwirling or my freehand Baptist Fans. Pantographs I tend to use Ebb and Flow or Seaweed. I have quilted freehand stars in the past but don’t use them very often.

For those of you quilting RWB tops for QOV or other veteran groups – what are your favorite quilting designs?

Results for May 2011

Tops pieced — (1)
Tops quilted — (2)
Tops tied — (2)
Quilts bound — (5)

May was a heavy travel month with time spent in Big Canoe, GA, Nebraska, and Boston.

Getting back on track

Chris left today so it’s time to start thinking about getting back to work. Our move is on hold for now – at least for a couple months so I sat down and looked at my summer goals.

First, I need to lose some weight (again) so biking and walking this summer will be at the top of the to do list. I’ll also be traveling some so my quilting goals are going to be modest rather than ambitious and as I work my way through them, I’ll add more.

I have a list app on the iPad that I’m using that will allow me to cross items off as completed and I’ll be working my way up from the bottom of the list although I’m not committed to any specific order other than finishing up some quilts for a HeartStrings project first and then working on the ones for Mom. I’ll also make sure to finish my UFO’s for Judy’s challenge each month.

Make & send postcard for July
Quilt Mom’s tumbler top
Quilt Mom’s star/heart top
Quilt college quilt
Finish 9 patch blocks
Assemble Chris’s top
Finish RWB HeartStrings blocks
Quilt my June UFO
Bind Kathy’s RWB HS quilt
Quilt my sashed log cabin
Quilt RWB top from Sue
Finish postcards for May & June

AHA Heart Walk Minneapolis

We’re participating with Keith’s company.



Choosing borders

Remember my post about the Spiderweb quilt Chris wanted? I quickly drafted it in just two colors but the blocks were always meant to be scrappy. Mom pieced them for us and tonight while Chris was here we picked the border and binding fabric.

Here’s a closeup showing the stripe for the binding he picked out.

This one is a little bit different from the original design which just happens to be my UFO for the month. It uses 2 inch strips versus the 1.75 inch ones I used and will only have the sashing and one border.

After our bike ride this afternoon to the lakes, we walked downtown for dinner.

Biking to the lakes for lunch


Spa day

A wonderful way to celebrate


I’ve had my massage, visited the steam room, eaten a light lunch, and now I’m relaxing waiting for my next treatment.


Cleaning, then quilting, now to the hunt

My allergies are really bad this afternoon — I’m thinking of blaming in on the cleaning products and telling Keith I’m no longer able to do any cleaning. Seriously though, I have had increasing bad episodes and I probably need to see an allergist.

Then I loaded and quilted this top sent by Kathy for Robin’s Returning Warrior Weekend Project.

You’ve seen it before but I just love the texture that Ebb & Flow gives these patriotic quilts. I had thought I’d use blue thread for this top but there was enough light fabric that I felt like my usual tan colored thread would work best. It’s the thread I use most often on scrap quilts that have as much light as medium and dark fabrics.

Now I’ve got a couple hours before Keith comes home so I think I’ll spend some time in research mode.


June’s UFO is #8

This is an old one. In fact, I know the top has been done at least 4 years because it’s the one that I got so many requests for directions that spurred me on to creating my website in June 2007 with my instruction sheets.

So thanks to Judy’s challenge – it WILL get done this month!


By the way, the borders are straight and not wavy but I didn’t smooth the top out well enough on the design wall before snapping the photo.

Click here to go to the instructions.

Are you obsessive?

I think many quilters are and I certainly am. In some ways that’s good because it makes me a good planner but in other ways, it causes me to spend a lot of time worrying about things.

My newest obsession is Genealogy. I’ve always had an interest in family events and information but I downloaded a Family Tree app the other day (Ancestry) and now I’m in full family search mode. Yes, just a couple days and I’m obsessed!

I even visited the library today to see what resources they had available and renewed my library card.

I think the draw for me is that it’s one big puzzle and I’ve always enjoyed research.