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A little of this and that

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Today is still overcast and rainy but I needed to add some miles to my activity log so I walked downtown to run some errands. On the way home, I stopped in my local coffee shop with my knitting. I cast on another pair of socks last night — I hate those first few rows!

While I’m pretty adventuresome in my quilting, I’m such a novice knitter that I don’t deviate much from my basic pattern but when using solid yarn, I really like a patterned leg and foot and it can be hard to find one that I can just plug into my basic pattern. A few months ago, I’d bought a set of stitch dictionaries with the idea that I could find one I liked that wasn’t too difficult and just plop it in. I’d been too chicken to try it out for a number of reasons but last night I went through two of the books and chose one I think will work.

Wish me luck!


The yarn is from – Risata – a cotton blend and the hot pink color is called Babydoll.

Also on today’s agenda is binding – I got two tops trimmed and ready before heading out.


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I was gifted with a Pandora bracelet on Saturday for my birthday by several of my siblings and their spouses. I love it and have been having fun searching for charms!

They gave me the bracelet with two stopper beads and birthstone beads for Chris and Adam.





I love that the Suitcase has DK AND a palm tree since two of my favorite places to travel are Denmark and the beach!

Rainy day — lazy me

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What is it about a rainy day that makes me want to sleep late and then curl up with a good book?


I did finally graft the toes of my socks – I don’t know why it took me so long.


And I spent a lot of time trying to find a sock pattern that uses sport yarn (weight 2) and size 3 needles. I’m about to give up and start another pair using fingering yarn and my size 2 needles.

My agenda for the rest of June

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I finished up the quilting on June’s UFO last night and looked at my Summer Goals to see what I needed to finish up before the end of June and another trip.

A couple bindings

Quilt the Churn Dash and Stars top

Finish assembling the RWB HeartStrings top that I left up on the design wall before the VA trip.

I also want to get in some walking/biking/library time.

Here’s another peek at the quilting on the Spiderweb quilt – I’ll show the entire quilt when it’s bound.


Something different!

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You all know I’m the queen of allover quilting and luckily that works for the majority of tops I quilt but today I’m doing something a little different.

I’ve got my Spiderweb quilt on the machine – it’s the June UFO for Judy’s Challenge – and I busted out my Circle Lord AND my extended base and ruler. So far, I’m actually pleased with it I think but I need a little break now. I’m going to walk a few blocks and get some dinner.

Back at the airport

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It’s time to head home again and I’m missing Keith and Chesty! I seem to spend a lot of time in airports.


Thank you again for the birthday wishes – my “real” birthday was a couple weeks ago and Curt’s was in May but this was the first time we’d all gotten together so they planned the party for this weekend….I thought I was going to a graduation party for my nephew!

Disaster Relief – quilt giveaway

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I’m hoping a better photo of the quilt will encourage you to donate just $10 or more to the Red Cross for their disaster relief efforts. The winner will be drawn on June 24 and you can find all the details on entering at the link below.

Disaster Relief – Quilt Giveaway



I’m off again

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Well I didn’t make any more progress assembling the HeartStrings top on the design wall yesterday but I did get Chesty groomed, did laundry and packing, and killed several hours doing more genealogy research. I’ve really got to figure out a way to organize all the information I’m finding. allows me to create a family tree and attach documents but I’m wondering what happens if I don’t continue my subscription. I’ll have to call and ask them before I put all my eggs in that basket.

But for now, I’m on my way to VA via Atlanta!


Work first – then play

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I wanted to get one more top quilted before I leave on Tuesday and since it’s unlikely that I’ll be able to get it done tomorrow – I loaded and quilted this top of Jan’s. Pantograph is Happy Times. I’ll show the full quilt once it’s bound but that won’t be for a while. I’m going to pull a HeartStrings top now and then in between the others I need done this summer but won’t get them bound right away as I’ll work on checking off the items on my list first.

I also finished the¬†initial¬†assembly of my blocks – I don’t know if I’ll get this one completely assembled before leaving but should at least get some of the rows done.

And here’s an update on my list of Summer Goals I posted last Sunday – A few things have been added along the way but I’m making good progress.

Make & send postcard for July
Quilt Mom’s tumbler top
Quilt Mom’s star/heart top
Quilt college quilt
Finish 9 patch blocks
Assemble Chris’s top
Quilt Churn Dash and Stars top
Quilt my June UFO
Assemble RWB HeartStrings top
Bind sashed log cabin quilt
Finish RWB HeartStrings blocks
Quilt Jan’s blue HS top
Bind RWB quilt from Sue
Bind Kathy’s RWB HS quilt
Quilt my sashed log cabin
Quilt RWB top from Sue
Finish postcards for May & June

And while I’m reporting — I’ve logged 39 miles biking and 19.5 miles walking for June so far. I’m not going to report my weight loss each week but I’ve lost a few pounds and I’ll let you know at the end of the summer if I hit my goal of dropping 10-15 lbs.

I’m going to play now — some family research but later this afternoon I need to get out and walk some.