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I’m going to finish in time

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Got the scrappy binding pieced and on – now just have to do the hand stitching and I have 3 days so I will finish up my July UFO in time. It’s kind of neat using a scrappy binding on this HeartStrings Anniversary quilt because so many of the scraps are from binding Heartstrings quilts that I’ve finished and donated and I have a piece of them in my quilt now.

COMMENTS: I loved all the recent comments and discussion but wanted to say that I got several sent back as undeliverable.  Please check your email address next time you comment and make sure there’s not a typo. I did try to respond to everyone.

It’s a good thing I’m competative

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It’s the only thing that got me off my lazy butt and back to work on my July UFO – I don’t want to be one of the ones who doesn’t finish this month even if I am a couple quilts ahead.

I play games with myself when I’m not in the mood to work and need to get something done so when Keith went up to bed last night, I told myself that all I needed to do was load the quilt on the longarm. When I got that done, I convinced myself that I should just start it and quilt a few rows….and by the time I was halfway done, I had myself convinced to just finish it up.

So now all I need to do is get it bound in the next few days. And in case you’re wondering, those are my freehand Baptist Fans quilted on it.

Ugly — yes I said ugly!

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Those of you who find it so offensive must be much better quilters than I am to have never made or called a quilt ugly.

Of course, I realized there would be those people out there who would find offense where none was intended so no I’m not surprised at some of the feedback but it’s nice that most of my readers felt able to agree or disagree with my opinion without being offended or offensive.

After all, I never suggested that people shouldn’t make the quilts if they like them.

So let me share with you a couple of my ugly quilts. This first one made early in my quilting career. It’s actually titled The Ugly Quilt in my book! Seriously, the title is even typed.

Funny but it was won in a raffle by an elderly relative who hung it up in her room at the assisted living facility. Her family even had her portrait taken with it as a backdrop when she turned 90. Did I think it was ugly? Yes! Did I call it ugly? Yes! Did they think it was special? Yes!

And as far as string quilts go — I can’t tell you how many people tell me they think they are ugly — it doesn’t offend me because I like them anyway. Here’s a photo of the one I made for our bed — Keith doesn’t care for it and my sister flat out told me it was ugly but I love it so that’s what counts!

So go make the quilts you want to make but admit it, we’ve all made ugly quilts!

My boys are so mean!!

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First Chris disagrees with my opinion in public and then Adam sends me a photo of Caleb in response to me saying we weren’t moving back to GA! How mean is that??

You know I’m just kidding right? My Mom always said I was contrary (maybe I was just trying to live up to my name — Mary, Mary, quite contrary!) But the thing I like about opinions is the discussion they generate even though there seem to be some people who are offended by my opinion expressed on my blog. Can we all just disagree without anyone being mad?

At any rate, maybe Adam should be the one offended since he didn’t realize that the move was actually not going to happen until he read it on the blog. I’d told both boys it was on hold and thought I’d told them both it was off but apparently I didn’t. Or maybe he just forgot?!

We love Minneapolis so it’s no hardship to stay here longer but look what I will miss by not being closer to the boys! Thanks for reading, thanks for commenting!


No move for us

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I knew it was coming but it’s official now, we’re NOT moving. I have mixed feelings and I think I’ll blame my “blah – ness” over the last few days on the emotional ups and downs that go with thinking you’re heading in one direction, being put on hold, and then going in reverse. I have a feeling we’ll be considering a move in another year but we’ll see. I’m not upset, just kind of drained.

I also can’t seem to get back to work and with just a few days left in the month, I’m in danger of not completing my assigned UFO for the month. I’m two ahead which just gives me permission to procrastinate more I think.

And just to end on a positive note, yesterday was my library/genealogy day and I continue to find it very interesting!

The nice thing about opinions is….

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……everyone has one. I love the discussion and surprisingly one of my favorite comments was from my son Chris. He has a completely different opinion from me and while it would be tempting to disregard the opinion of a non-quilter….he has certainly been exposed to lots of quilts in the last 10+ years.

Chris said:
I thought they looked cool. Reminded me of the Badlands, how the different colors layered and how they were stacked. Different but I would have to say that I do like the design.

So there you have it…I see ugly, he sees cool.

Thanks for commenting and giving me your opinions.

I can’t help it!!

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I love scrap quilts and normally don’t comment about quilts I dislike but am I the only one who thinks that quilts from the current fad – Jelly Roll Race – are ugly?

I see everyone talking about how great they look – seriously am the ONLY one that thinks they’re ugly?

PS I never liked them that much when they were calling them Lasagna quilts and using wider strips but they looked slightly better than these.

My intention is NOT to offend anyone but I just had to ask!!