I can’t help it!!

I love scrap quilts and normally don’t comment about quilts I dislike but am I the only one who thinks that quilts from the current fad – Jelly Roll Race – are ugly?

I see everyone talking about how great they look – seriously am the ONLY one that thinks they’re ugly?

PS I never liked them that much when they were calling them Lasagna quilts and using wider strips but they looked slightly better than these.

My intention is NOT to offend anyone but I just had to ask!!

67 thoughts on “I can’t help it!!

  1. Sharon M.

    Some of those looked kind of pretty – maybe not ugly, and I guess it would depend on the colors and patterns of the particular jelly roll used. All I could think of was – I probably could have used a jelly roll in more creative ways.

    I had someone hand out the directions to this on one of my small groups, and I threw it away.

  2. TerriW

    I don’t think of them so much as a quilt…more as a game to play at retreat or stitch-in…lots of laughing and trash talking and in the end they can be used for a car quilt or dog bed…I always thought they might look better if the strips were 22″ and you alternated with a read-solid dramatic fabric…

  3. Mary-Kay

    I don’t think that they are ugly, just not very pretty. I’ve never made one. My friend made one from some strips she had but it ended up being colour coordinated so it looked okay and her quilting on it was great. So did I like the quilt or the quilting? I don’t think I’ll be making one anytime soon.

  4. paula.thequilter

    Nope, you aren’t alone. For starters, I don’t really like Jelly Rolls because I find that the majority of fabrics in the ‘line’ are usually mediums. Mediums to me equal mish-mash. Give me contrast!

  5. Melanie

    I hate them. I haven’t seen one yet that looked like it was worth the time it took to make and I always think what a waste of time and a jelly roll.

  6. AnnieJ

    I don’t think they are ugly … just think chinese coins on a much larger scale. I think it takes some getting use to …. you have to really like scrappy quilts. Also they could be worse … at least with Jelly Rolls the fabrics are usually from lines and are all associated together. I’m sure this trend is difficult to a lot of quilters who have to do the matchy-matchy thing.

  7. Amanda in NZ

    not pretty, not ugly, just a bit dull. How about adding a few shorter pieces into the mix (maybe cut across the width of a fat 1/4 from the same range) as well as the jelly roll to make the finished product a bit more interesting?

  8. Diane

    I agree, but years ago I was slammed HARD for stating I thought something was ugly so I learned to shut my mouth. If people want to make these quilts then more power to them. As for me, I will do something else.
    I’m sorry your in the blahs. I hope today is better.

  9. Cheryl

    I disagree that the Jelly Roll quilt or “any quilt” should be called UGLY. It may not be meticulously pieced and quilted over months, but it is a quick and easy quilt when you want to feel that you have accomplished something. I don’t tend to give away the quilts that I have spent countless hours making, so I like simple quilts that are meant to be used and loved. As quilters we probably all have quilts that we have made and never use, or didn’t like when we got them done. We all have our own opinion of what we like and dislike and are entitled to it. I think as quilters we need to be encouraging. There is nothing so rewarding as seeing the excitement on a new quilters face when they finish a project, and discouraging to anyone to be told something is ugly. I guess what I’m saying is that as long as you enjoy making it, it shouldn’t matter what anybody else thinks.

  10. Katie

    Wow! Swooze, I agree with you on the Turning Twenty quilts. A couple of months ago there was quite an uproar over a post about that style of quilt. There are so many different types of quilts out there and not everyone is going to like the same kind. I would never say that to anyone’s face that I think their quilt is ugly, but I think it quite often when I look at quilt blogs.

  11. laura

    I think the best they get is blah. Seems like a waste of fabric, but nice enough if the goal is to finish a top. I guess if I were in a nursing home or a shelter, and someone gave me one, I’d be very pleased. But I wouldn’t make one. Just seems tooo matchy. Maybe people should toss all their strips in a pile, like twenty different quilters and 20 different jelly rolls, and then mix everything up and then make quilts. If I were to use a roll of strips, I’d likely be more pleased with a log cabin. SO, OK for a utility quilt or a back, but not my style for a top.

  12. Evelyn

    Hummmm. Maybe not for a “display” quilt, but I think flannel backed quilts are great for snuggling under on the couch, for trips, etc. My son is 8 and he likes a “smaller” sized quilt for traveling. We often sleep on the ferry, trains, planes. Perfect. And so much “prettier” than a blanket. Actually – we don’t have many blankets – we just add layers of quilts! I do agree with an earlier comment – it would be nice to cut a few strips a bit shorter and another comment to add a dramatic fabric to the mix. Maybe it would be fun in school colors and send them off to colleges & universities with students (would have to make them longer though!). Or maybe make it all in holiday themed fabrics/colors to bust some of the stash that you just had to buy at 50% off after that particular holiday! It certainly isn’t a “pretty” pattern that jumps out at me and says “make me, make me”, but I can still see myself maybe making one some day down the road. Cheers! Evelyn

  13. Angela

    It seems sad to try to “use up” a jelly roll. They are expensive. What a shame to burn through it and be done in an hour. I suppose if you NEED something quickly it would fit the bill, but I don’t think any of us chose this hobby out of a need for something quick.

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