The nice thing about opinions is….

……everyone has one. I love the discussion and surprisingly one of my favorite comments was from my son Chris. He has a completely different opinion from me and while it would be tempting to disregard the opinion of a non-quilter….he has certainly been exposed to lots of quilts in the last 10+ years.

Chris said:
I thought they looked cool. Reminded me of the Badlands, how the different colors layered and how they were stacked. Different but I would have to say that I do like the design.

So there you have it…I see ugly, he sees cool.

Thanks for commenting and giving me your opinions.

9 thoughts on “The nice thing about opinions is….

  1. Teresa

    I agree with you, Mary. The fabrics, being from one design are all too much the same. There isn’t a lot of skill or design and so, to me, no interest. But they are selling a whole lot of expensive, precut fabrics and I guess it would give a bit of satisfaction to have something to show for 35 minutes of time.

  2. dee mc donald

    Late to the game but I have to agree. Even beautiful fabric becomes boring in that style. So many lovely patterns for pre-cuts and this is not one.

  3. Kimberlee

    Don’t know but, I thought some of the quilts they showed at the end of the video were kinda neat. It sure is a quick way to make a quilt. I might try it with some Christmas fabrics I have laying around. Can’t hurt them, LOL!

    PS – I totally agree with you. He might not ‘quilt’ but he has an ‘educated’ opinion since he has such a wonderful quilter for a mom.


  4. Cyndi Holguin

    Hadn’t thought if it Chris’ way but after having a second look It does remind me of the badlands. and some of our Mesa’s here in NM. It would cool if one could make one with rusts and browns and tans then it would be just like our Mesa’s Hmmm thanks for a different look at it.

  5. Linda in NE

    As they say, it’s all in the eye of the beholder. Someone else said in yesterday’s comments that they never cared for the Turning Twenty pattern either and I have to agree. Yet a friend has made several and loves the pattern. She doesn’t understand how I can stand to make the “Bonnie” quilts with all the little pieces. If we all liked the same things life would be so boring.

  6. Lorraine

    I have to say it would be a great way to make abackground fabric for an appliqué quilt…… Very quickly done in light fabrics or sunset fabrics etc

    My sons- in- law are prepared to give me comments on my quilts now … they feel they have gained a lot of knowledge in quilting since they have known me…. I value their comments as they give me a different perspective …. So what a great compliment your son has paid you
    Love your blog read it every week
    From Blueys Beach Australia

  7. Sue

    I have to admit I’m not crazy about it – I know I wouldn’t make one, but I really don’t care for how it was turned into a race. You couldn’t be too proud of something you make that fast.

  8. Kathie L

    Not my favorite quilts by any means but it does seem like it would make a fun quilt guild charity workshop and would result in a lot of charity quilts in a short time.

  9. Sharon

    I made one because I wanted to see what the big deal was. I made my own “jelly roll” out of strips from my stash. I can’t imagine paying $35 for a jelly roll (which seems to be the going rate) and making a quilt like this with it. Don’t think I will ever make another one. Yes it was fast and makes a quick gift and I can see maybe cutting strips of kids fabrics again (which I did this time) but not sure.

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