My boys are so mean!!

First Chris disagrees with my opinion in public and then Adam sends me a photo of Caleb in response to me saying we weren’t moving back to GA! How mean is that??

You know I’m just kidding right? My Mom always said I was contrary (maybe I was just trying to live up to my name — Mary, Mary, quite contrary!) But the thing I like about opinions is the discussion they generate even though there seem to be some people who are offended by my opinion expressed on my blog. Can we all just disagree without anyone being mad?

At any rate, maybe Adam should be the one offended since he didn’t realize that the move was actually not going to happen until he read it on the blog. I’d told both boys it was on hold and thought I’d told them both it was off but apparently I didn’t. Or maybe he just forgot?!

We love Minneapolis so it’s no hardship to stay here longer but look what I will miss by not being closer to the boys! Thanks for reading, thanks for commenting!


7 thoughts on “My boys are so mean!!

  1. Pat B from Mn

    Sometimes you just cannot win. With two sons of my own plus husband, I often feel I need to stand up for myself because it is three against one. Wouldn’t trade it for the world-I have an incredible soft spot for little boys who have an imp of mischief in their eyes.

    I am sorry for your sake you are not moving, but I have to say I always enjoy your wonderful outlook on the Minnesota weather, even when it is not so great.

  2. SaraF

    Your grandson is so cute. And getting so grown up looking already. And now that I have one of my own I can understand why living closer is so important.

  3. Mariel

    Awww that’s a “blow below the belt” Adam!;) Who wouldn’t want to be near that sweet little face and give hugs lotsa hugs if they could?

    Hopefully Mary you will get to move closer in the near future!

  4. Cyndi Holguin

    Oh my Goodness Mary He is getting so big. and Handsome. You’ll be close soon I will pray as hard as I can.

  5. Sharon B

    Just to let you know – you most likely did tell them! I tell my “adult” children things all the time and it still seems to go in one ear and out the other 🙂 BUT the picture is “blackmail” LOL
    It is hard to live away from grandchildren, but most of the time pictures help 🙂
    Hugs Granny!

  6. Teresa F.

    Caleb is really growing! I had to laugh at the expression on his face, especially in regard to the reason Adam sent it. It looks like Caleb is saying “What do you mean Grandma’s not moving down here??”

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