No move for us

I knew it was coming but it’s official now, we’re NOT moving. I have mixed feelings and I think I’ll blame my “blah – ness” over the last few days on the emotional ups and downs that go with thinking you’re heading in one direction, being put on hold, and then going in reverse. I have a feeling we’ll be considering a move in another year but we’ll see. I’m not upset, just kind of drained.

I also can’t seem to get back to work and with just a few days left in the month, I’m in danger of not completing my assigned UFO for the month. I’m two ahead which just gives me permission to procrastinate more I think.

And just to end on a positive note, yesterday was my library/genealogy day and I continue to find it very interesting!

18 thoughts on “No move for us

  1. Shari

    I understand about the yo yo feeling. Just keep breathing and putting one foot in front of the other… We’ll enjoy you wherever you are. 🙂

    Shari in AZ

  2. Marcy

    Understand your feelings about NOT moving,when you were told there was a “chance of it.” My husband is a retired Col from the Air Force and I felt that feeling MANY times in 26 yrs. Trying to plan ahead with 3 daughters in school, whether or not to put a house on the market, whether to keep a pantry stocked, whether to replace worn curtains, etc. Never a dull moment! Marcy

  3. Cathy

    I guess this still gives me the chance to come over and have you show me how you use your panto’s. It will be 2 years in October that I got my long arm and still have not figured it out.

  4. Ann

    You know Mary this will give you another year of Minnesota winters, which you have said many times you enjoy. I think I need to come with Cathy and learn panto’s as well. I hope things settle down and you find your new groove. Limbo is never a fun thing. Give Chesty a pat for me.

  5. Darlene B

    I think the worst feeling ever is being in limbo. Not knowing what’s going to happen and plan ahead is awful! Hope you get adjusted to the idea for now and see what happens next year. If Ann and Cathy are coming over for lessons, I want to come over too so you can teach me to knit socks!!

  6. Vicki W

    Well, I suppose you get to enjoy the snow another year! It’s always hard to go through a period of “unknown”. It happened to me at work when I was about 10 days away from relocating to London for 18 months and then it all blew up. It was for the best but I had done a lot of mental prep for that.

  7. Mary

    Things happen for a reason, so I’ve been told. Reading your blog, you seem to have fun where ever you go.

  8. Laurie

    I’m sorry to hear that Mary. I was just telling steve about your situation and how envious I was that you could be near your kids and Keith still work. I miss being near my kids!! The year will hopefully fly by. Good thing you didn’t sell the townhouse!

  9. Peggy

    Look at it this way….by this time next year you will have so much LESS fabric to pack.

    Another winter wonderland to see, then off to another beautiful place.

  10. Beth in AZ

    I don’t like that limbo feeling either. It will pass…good time to take stock and maybe try something new to fire you up. Sounds like you have friends who are lining up a panto class! Sounds like fun! Too bad Arizona is so far…and that I still have kiddos at home, I would hop on a plane and come join you….The knitting sounds fun too…

  11. Elaine Adair

    Oh crud — waiting all this time, maybe yes, may no, what a pain in the patootie to have everything changed, not changed, and trying to get adjusted. Very powerlessness feeling. At least it’s a decision!

  12. Angie

    Well, on the bright side—I think you live in such a nice place. I love all the pictures you post of your surrounding area. The coffee shop, the library, the bike and walking trail. Etc. I love your view of the city. I think you would have missed it some —I know I would have. I do like the country condo too. I hope the drained feeling passes soon.

  13. Sara

    Being in limbo is the pits! I understand completely. Once a decision is made it gives you permission to move forward again. But a positive side of this is that you do enjoy living in Minneapolis.

  14. Cyndi Holguin

    I am so sorry you are drained I hate that feeling. I don’t move much so don’t know the feeling of moving all the time. But I do know the drained feeling you get when there is all this yoyo stuff going on. I am so sorry. This to will pass. I to love your winter pictures we don’t have much of a winter here. Thank you for all that, rest some you should feel better soon.

  15. Linda in NE

    The good thing is you don’t have the moving/no house stress that Judy L. is having. If Jay’s not moving either maybe there can be another Nebraska sew-in.

  16. Flatlander (Linda)

    Even with its winters (which I love) Minneapolis is a great city to be “stuck” in. Look at the brighter side … you COULD have sold your place and THEN found out you weren’t going to be moved so you’d either be involving lawyers or looking for another place to live. THAT would have been depressing to me. But that didn’t happen so life will proceed and you’ll do some more traveling with Keith, lots more quilting and, as Peggy said above, less fabric to move when the time does arrive.

  17. Kathie L

    Hey give yourself permission to take a couple days to regroup. That is a big change in direction and it will take time to get used to.

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