It’s a good thing I’m competative

It’s the only thing that got me off my lazy butt and back to work on my July UFO – I don’t want to be one of the ones who doesn’t finish this month even if I am a couple quilts ahead.

I play games with myself when I’m not in the mood to work and need to get something done so when Keith went up to bed last night, I told myself that all I needed to do was load the quilt on the longarm. When I got that done, I convinced myself that I should just start it and quilt a few rows….and by the time I was halfway done, I had myself convinced to just finish it up.

So now all I need to do is get it bound in the next few days. And in case you’re wondering, those are my freehand Baptist Fans quilted on it.

8 Responses to “It’s a good thing I’m competative”

  • Lorraine:

    I do the same thing, Mary. When I’m bored or listless, I just make myself go in the sewing room and do anything! Even ironing and putting away fabric makes me feel better.

    Love your quilts!

  • Good for you! I’m not even trying. I have one done that wasn’t on the UFO list so it makes up for the one due now. I at least got it out of the box for a while. I haven’t tried to do fans, you make them look easy.

  • I love it! Baptist fans are on my short list of quilting designs to try!

  • Your freehand baptist fans are really nice…so even!

  • Love these Baptist Fans – good job on the quilting and the colors are stunning. Judy C in NC

  • Beautiful Baptist Fans, love your quilting!

  • Shari:

    Beautious!!!!! I adore the scrap bindings, but obviously I need to make more binding…or quilts.

  • Janet:

    My goodness- that’s my very 1st heartstrings block (with the rainbow hearts) in this picture! I’ve made many since, but this one was the beginning of my addiction. Still have some of those strips in my shoeboxes. So nice to see the finished quilt. I love those Baptist fans.

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