Happy Sunday

Am I the only one who thinks the summer is flying by?

Brunch, a long bike ride, and some knitting for me on this last day of July.



6 thoughts on “Happy Sunday

  1. Susan

    Nope…you’re not the only one who thinks summer is flying by. I just made that very same comment to my family this morning. I’m a warm weather girl so I hate to see it passing so quickly.

  2. Patricia

    The picture is beautiful!!!! Sure wish I was sitting in a swing just watching the grass grow and looking out on this scene. Happy Sunday to you as well!

  3. Adam

    pretty field. and no i think that we are going to have a long hot summer it hitting high 90’s to 100 here and i dont see it changing anytime soon

  4. Flatlander (Linda)

    Always seems like it takes forever to get here and the BAM! it’s almost over. I am not a “heat” girl so haven’t enjoyed the recent temps. I am looking forward to the cooler Falls days and the sound of rustling leaves though the picture of that field of Tiger Lilies is very pretty.

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