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Where was I?

Photos from our sew-in yesterday

Yesterday was our HeartStrings sew-in in Roberts, WI. I don’t have a photo of me to share but as I was taking photos of everyone else, you can guess who Sheree was shooting.


We accomplished a lot as usual and I feel so proud to be a part of this group!

A couple more check marks

I finished assembling my HeartStrings Anniversary top today — you can see that I received some blocks that were just blues but I still wanted to use them in the quilt — they’ll blend in better when the quilting is done and it’s a lot more noticable in the photo than in person but I just realized I could have used one in each of the quilt’s 4 corners —  I hate it when I get an idea after something’s already assembled. I’m so excited to be finishing this one up!

And Chesty approves of the quilting I did on this top of Mom’s. The quilt had a lot of white space and I think the motifs in the pantograph do a nice job of filling them with texture. Hearts in Bloom is the name of the pantograph.

Churn Dash and Stars is finished

You’re probably tired of seeing this one but I’m happy to have it done and pleased with the results! It’s a gift for a family member so it will be on it’s way in a week or so and I hope that she likes it.

Instructions are on my website if anyone is interested and I just have to make a comment or two about the website.

Everyone may not realize it but the website evolved out of repeated requests for pattern information for quilts that I share on my blog. Rather than continue to respond to multiple emails, I chose to post BRIEF instructions for quilts that I design for MYSELF in EQ7 on the website.

I clearly state that they are BRIEF and they assume you have basic quilting knowledge. I also state that I’m a scrap quilter so they don’t include fabric yardage requirements. And finally, I provide my email address and encourage people to email me if they have questions.

I find it frustrating to receive emails complaining that the instructions aren’t detailed enough or don’t provide fabric yardages because frankly if I wanted to write, publish, and sell patterns I would be doing that.

If I can quickly look at EQ and provide UNTESTED  fabric yardages I don’t mind a request (as opposed to a complaint) and I don’t mind questions if someone doesn’t understand something but if you’re a quilter that requires fully developed patterns in order to make your quilts, then my website is NOT going to suit your needs.

Really, there’s a reason I call them Instruction Sheets rather than Patterns!

Yesterday was my Library day

I enjoyed lunch out and then a walk over to spend the afternoon at the library. I still haven’t figured out how I’m going to share all the information I’m finding but I continue to gather the data and put it in the tree on

Recent fun finds have been my first Civil War soldier, my great, great, great grandfather and yesterday I focused on Keith’s Mom’s family and found that his grandfather emigrated from England and his great grand parents from Germany.

After meeting Keith for dinner on the way home, I did manage to get the binding on the Home Spun and Stars quilt and even finished hand stitching it down. I need to take a final photo today to share.

On my Design Wall

I’m having a little problem getting back in the work groove after vacation so I’m kind of all over the place today.

First, this top has been on the design wall since before we left so I could piece a back for it — that was my first task. I’ve been trying to get backs pieced for all the UFO’s on my Challenge list – Maybe Judy will pick this one next month.

Then I put up this month’s UFO – My HeartStrings Anniversary quilt. I’ve had this top together for a LONG time but it’s square so I’d decided I needed another couple rows. Luckily, I had extras sent to me and I just needed to make two blocks. It will end up 72 x 90 when I’m done with it. The plan is to quilt my freehand Baptist Fans on it and use a scrappy binding from leftovers.

In the same bin, were my free pieced letters — at one time I had enough of the background fabric for the back of this quilt — it’s been 2-3 years at least so I was doubtful that I could even find enough to finish assembling the letters but it was the first fabric I pulled out of my blue drawer — what are the chances of that? I’ll piece these into a big block and then build my backing around it.

Finally, I trimmed the Churn Dash and Stars top and it’s ready for binding now. I need to finish this one before Keith goes to Florida on the 20th which should be easy enough.

And look who’s happy to be home and back on his perch!

HomeSpun Rails

I had a request for my cutting directions for the HomeSpuns Rails quilt that I’ve got on my to do list so I posted very brief cutting directions on my website if anyone is interested.

HomeSpun Rails instructions


The heat or the hills? Or both?!

It’s a more challenging ride at any rate and I decide to wait for Keith to bike the whole 16 (I’ll end up doing 9 miles) in my favorite spot by the river.


Luckily I’ve always got a quilt in my saddlebags.


The good and bad

Still sitting here in Orlando waiting for our flight. Since I’m bored I thought I’d share the good and bad highlights of my day.

The bad …. Keith dropping my suitcase on my foot. My big toe was smashed! Keith’s comment was that at least the blood matched my nail polish. I just hope I don’t lose the nail.


The good I already mentioned in an earlier post was two new charms for my Pandora bracelet.


Heading home

Unfortunately we’re delayed so we’re spending way more time in the Orlando airport than I’d like. However, they did have a store that sells Pandora so I picked up two more charms for my bracelet. (A doghouse with doggy and an airplane.) We also have a comfortable place to wait.


Filming the launch

Chris snapped a photo of me while I was filming the launch and I played a bit with it in the Instagram app.


My short YouTube video of the launch

Shuttle Launch a GO!

I uploaded a video to YouTube but it hasn’t processed yet … So I’ll leave you with these photos for now.




Cross your fingers

Hoping the shuttle launch goes off as planned. If it does, we can watch it from the beach here where we’re staying.

A rainy day

But that’s ok, Becky and I got a mani/pedi and now we’re all heading out to a movie.



Not tired of the beach yet


The beautiful weather and the beach are tempting me to put Florida back on my list of places to retire. We lived here for 14 years while the boys were growing up and were ready to leave then but I could get into Florida living again.

Dinner, dolphins, and sunset!

Keith’s brother’s family left today so it’s just us and Chris and Becky.


The crowds have thinned out

Time to relax!


Our wireless here sucks

However everything else is great! The beach, our unit, time with family!!

I wanted to share this photo but since I can’t get the wireless working I took a photo of it on my ipad using the phone.


Results June 2011

Tops completed – 1

Tops quilted – 6

Quilts Tied – 0

Quilts bound – 4

Socks completed – 1 pair

It followed me!

This big, dark cloud followed me to Florida! I’m sure it will clear up soon.


July’s UFO

Quilts that are intended for me always seem to get pushed to the bottom of the list. Sometimes it’s a time issue but just as often, it’s indecision that keeps them from being completed because they have so much meaning to me that I want them to be perfect.

For Judy’s UFO challenge, we’re supposed to complete the 2nd quilt on our list in July and for me, that means my HeartStrings anniversary quilt will finally be finished. To celebrate our first anniversary, I asked HeartStrings members to send me a block to include in a quilt of my own….and then I got bogged down in design ideas. I started out thinking I would make a free pieced lettered border but eventually decided against it. Then I thought I’d add the
letters I’d already made to the backing….then I decided that I didn’t like square quilts (this one was 72 inches square) and that I needed to add a couple rows of blocks to “unsquare” it….and then it sat unfinished. Now it will finally be completed.