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One of the things I love about living here is that we get to watch all the big firework displays from our deck.

Tonight that was even better than usual because it started raining – hard – and I was able to step inside and keep watching. And in other good news, I found another set of size 8 knitting needles here at the house!


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I consider myself a beginner when it comes to knitting but I actually taught myself to knit about 5 years ago and I have never broken a needle so why did it have to happen today??

I caught the edge on the table and it snapped in two — the local yarn shop is closed already today and tomorrow so I won’t be able to replace them until Monday. Crap!!


I wonder if there’s any chance I have another set of US size 8 needles??


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I’m a little more active today and no problems with the toe so hopefully a couple days rest did the trick.

I loaded and did most of the quilting on one of Mom’s tops today — a little knitting, and I finished up my July postcards. They’re not elaborate but they’re done!

This is one of the re-purposed redwork blocks I found several months ago.

Stupid Toe!

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I’ll avoid going into the gross details but my smashed toe is bothering me quite a bit – I guess I should have stayed off it more but I had things to do and figured as long as I was wearing flip-flops it would be OK.

The nail is coming up and last night after walking to the library and being up on it all day, I was in a lot of pain… So I’m going to keep off if for a couple days and see if that helps.

Don’t expect to see much quilting progress from me this week although I did find records of the births of Keith’s father and his brothers and their parents marriage!

What’s your tolerance?

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I’ve got a pretty high tolerance for mistakes – I consider them a part of the learning process and my current socks have some errors already but I’m not starting over because who will ever notice when I’m wearing them? It may be hard to see but I missed a couple knit stitches on the left side. This isn’t a complicated pattern but it’s the first time I’ve pulled something from my stitch dictionary rather than using a commercial pattern.


I follow JulyL’s blog as I’m sure many of you do and I’ve been admiring her shawls. I really want to make one (or more) but the reality is that I don’t devote much time to my knitting so I decided I’d find a pretty scarf instead that will use one of the hanks of sock yarn I have. How does this one look? It’s a free download from


Now back to my socks!

On my design wall

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I’m having such a lazy day! I’ve read all morning and now I’m at the coffee shop with my knitting. I did manage to toss my next piecing project up on the design wall this weekend but it’s a mess – this is Chris’ quilt, blocks were cut by me pieced by Mom from my Spiderweb pattern and I need to make the pinwheel cornerstones and sash the blocks.


I got my July postcard from Deb and look what she included in the package, some of her hand dyed yarn. Isn’t it beautiful? And I love the postcard too. I haven’t done my July card yet, I’m kind of uninspired right now but it needs to be done and in the mail by the 25th so I need to get something done.