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I was on a roll yesterday

After quilting the HeartStrings top, I got this top of my Aunt’s loaded and started last night.

Tuesday’s are my library/genealogy days but after getting home this evening I finished it up.

The pantograph Herbology suits the leafy fabrics and colors and it’s a good choice for a guy quilt.

How do you motivate yourself?

I have been avoiding the longarm room to such an extent that I chose to assemble a top and add borders yesterday rather than come down and load a quilt. Usually I’ll do anything to delay having to assemble a top!

I knew if I was going to get the tops quilted this month that need to be done, I had to get started TODAY so I chose the smallest top and quilted something fun – a Swirly version of Dwirling from the Pajama Quilter DVD. This little HeartStrings top of Jan’s was done in no time….now to convince myself to load the next one when I come back from a walk & dinner.

HomeSpun Rails

It’s too big for the design wall but you can get an idea of how it looks from the photo. Brief cutting instructions are on my website.

My reward for finishing up the top was a walk to the coffee shop and some knitting time.

Learn Something New Every Day

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you may remember me participating in this Online Class.

It’s just getting ready to start up and the best thing, once you’ve signed up you get to participate every year.

My album from 2010

My album from 2009

If this quilt had no borders…

I’d be done! But as tempted as I was to leave them off, I’m getting them done.


Deck weather!

This is the perfect time of year to spend a (happy) hour or two on the deck with my book and a glass of wine!


Out of harm’s way

Much of my family is in the path of Irene but luckily Mom went to my sister’s house yesterday along with baby Emma and Leala ( Emma’s Mom).


My sister and I used FaceTime on our iPads today to chat so I got to see all 4 of them and they got to see Chesty and Keith. I don’t have a photo from our chat but here’s one of Mom with Emma taken earlier this month by my sister.


I’m glad they’re out of the storm path and hope the rest of the family stays safe.

I’m trusting my gut here

In a number of quilts that I make I start second guessing my ideas in the middle of the piecing. I’ve learned sometimes it’s best to make changes that will improve the overall quilt and other times to just keep going and trust that the quilt will turn out like I want it to by the time it’s assembled, quilted and bound. The Twisted 9 Patch quilt was one of those that I kept going in spite of some doubts¬†and this simple Rail Fence is another. When I tossed the first few blocks up – I was nervous but it’s coming together and with the addition of the borders and some quilting, I’m sure I’ll end up being happy with it.



Twisted 9 Patch is done!

That also means that all the goals on my summer list are completed.



Stephanie was so kind to point out that I’d left my postcards off my new to do list and suggested that maybe I should make them for the rest of the year … well I didn’t manage that but I did get this month and next month’s done and the two for August are already in the mail.

This was the first time I’d used fused binding for the edges and I’m hoping they’ll hold up. Next one I make I might figure out how to do a little beading or stitching through it.

All the thumbnails should enlarge when clicked.

You can see I need some practice on my Shi Sha mirror embroidery. I did a quick search and found this tutorial that I might try. I could throw something like this out that didn’t work all that well but I send them anyway and consider it a learning experience.