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I was on a roll yesterday

After quilting the HeartStrings top, I got this top of my Aunt’s loaded and started last night.

Tuesday’s are my library/genealogy days but after getting home this evening I finished it up.

The pantograph Herbology suits the leafy fabrics and colors and it’s a good choice for a guy quilt.

How do you motivate yourself?

I have been avoiding the longarm room to such an extent that I chose to assemble a top and add borders yesterday rather than come down and load a quilt. Usually I’ll do anything to delay having to assemble a top!

I knew if I was going to get the tops quilted this month that need to be done, I had to get started TODAY so I chose the smallest top and quilted something fun – a Swirly version of Dwirling from the Pajama Quilter DVD. This little HeartStrings top of Jan’s was done in no time….now to convince myself to load the next one when I come back from a walk & dinner.

HomeSpun Rails

It’s too big for the design wall but you can get an idea of how it looks from the photo. Brief cutting instructions are on my website.

My reward for finishing up the top was a walk to the coffee shop and some knitting time.

Learn Something New Every Day

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you may remember me participating in this Online Class.

It’s just getting ready to start up and the best thing, once you’ve signed up you get to participate every year.

My album from 2010

My album from 2009

If this quilt had no borders…

I’d be done! But as tempted as I was to leave them off, I’m getting them done.


Deck weather!

This is the perfect time of year to spend a (happy) hour or two on the deck with my book and a glass of wine!


Out of harm’s way

Much of my family is in the path of Irene but luckily Mom went to my sister’s house yesterday along with baby Emma and Leala ( Emma’s Mom).


My sister and I used FaceTime on our iPads today to chat so I got to see all 4 of them and they got to see Chesty and Keith. I don’t have a photo from our chat but here’s one of Mom with Emma taken earlier this month by my sister.


I’m glad they’re out of the storm path and hope the rest of the family stays safe.

I’m trusting my gut here

In a number of quilts that I make I start second guessing my ideas in the middle of the piecing. I’ve learned sometimes it’s best to make changes that will improve the overall quilt and other times to just keep going and trust that the quilt will turn out like I want it to by the time it’s assembled, quilted and bound. The Twisted 9 Patch quilt was one of those that I kept going in spite of some doubts and this simple Rail Fence is another. When I tossed the first few blocks up – I was nervous but it’s coming together and with the addition of the borders and some quilting, I’m sure I’ll end up being happy with it.



Twisted 9 Patch is done!

That also means that all the goals on my summer list are completed.



Stephanie was so kind to point out that I’d left my postcards off my new to do list and suggested that maybe I should make them for the rest of the year … well I didn’t manage that but I did get this month and next month’s done and the two for August are already in the mail.

This was the first time I’d used fused binding for the edges and I’m hoping they’ll hold up. Next one I make I might figure out how to do a little beading or stitching through it.

All the thumbnails should enlarge when clicked.

You can see I need some practice on my Shi Sha mirror embroidery. I did a quick search and found this tutorial that I might try. I could throw something like this out that didn’t work all that well but I send them anyway and consider it a learning experience.

My quilting plan

I won’t quilt this until November but as I was walking to the post office today I realized I could do a swirly dwirling in the blocks and swirls in the sashing and border of Chris’ Spiderweb quilt. I’m posting it here so I’ll remember what I wanted to do when the time comes.

The blocks are unfortunately too big to do spirals with my Circle Lord like I did in the first Spiderweb but I like how this looks and Dwirling (from the Pajama Quilter DVD) is easy for me!

I will use a more blendy thread for the border than shown on the drawing. And for anyone interested, I use the app Adobe Idea’s on my iPad to draw out quilting ideas on photographs of my quilts.


On my design wall

I wasn’t sure I was going to get any sewing done today after being gone – my first day home is always a catch up day but I finished up all my non sewing tasks and with Keith gone, was able to spend a couple hours in the sewing room tonight working on my Sashed 9 Patch blocks.

I finished up the blocks and they’ll just need sashing and the  border now. Normally I would go ahead and finish the top but these blocks are going to be put aside probably until November so I can work on a couple piecing projects that need to be done before October. Knowing that – my goal for the summer was just to finish these blocks.

And for any eagle eyed readers out there who may pick up that I have fewer blocks in this than in the design I posted — I often design in two sizes. The original quilt was twin size but I like to have some of my donation quilts twin size, some lap or sofa size, and some kid size and in this case I decided that I have more need of a sofa size quilt as I have several larger and smaller ones here.

I’m in a bit of a panic!

Where did this year go? I’ve made good progress on my summer quilting goals and even added a few things along the way but I don’t see how I can get everything I want to get done this year finished in the time I have left. Can you believe August is almost over???

So on this list of things I want done by the end of the year are:

Piecing 5 tops (includes the current one)
Quilting 3 HeartStrings tops before Oct
Quilting 4 tops of Mom’s, one for my Aunt
Finishing the 4 UFO’s remaining on my UFO Challenge list
Quilting and binding Chris’ quilt by Christmas
Tie at least 12 quilts during the HS Sept sew-in and October while I’m in Maine.

On the knitting list
Finishing my current scarf and the socks in progress
I’d love to knit two shawls I’ve already bought yarn for but would be happy with one

To make this more difficult, I’m traveling twice in September, the entire MONTH of October, at least once in November and once in December ( assuming no other trips are scheduled)

With just 3 items left, I WILL at least finish my summer goals but I have serious concerns about the list above!

Goals – Summer 2011

Bind twisted 9 patch
Make & send postcard for August
Finish 9 patch blocks
Quilt August’s UFO – twisted 9patch
Assemble Chris’ top
Quilt Karen’s sashed HS
Bind July’s UFO
Quilt July’s UFO
Finish letters & piece HS backing
Quilt Mom’s tumbler top
Make & send postcard for July
Finish piecing July’s UFO – my HeartStrings Anniversary Quilt
Quilt Mom’s star/heart top
Bind Churn Dash & Stars
Quilt Churn Dash and Stars top
Piece back for Churn Dash & Stars
Bind the Spiderweb quilt ( June’s UFO)
Piece back for RWB HeartStrings
Assemble RWB HeartStrings top
Bind sashed log cabin quilt
Finish RWB HeartStrings blocks
Quilt my June UFO
Quilt Jan’s blue HS top
Bind RWB quilt from Sue

Goodbyes are hard



There is NOTHING better than being with both my boys and their families.





And if you can stand one more video, here’s anther one of Caleb with Pop

Playing with Pop


He’s just too cute! I couldn’t resist posting a video of Caleb playing with Pop


Adam worked this morning so I had time for a massage and the spa. He’ll be here soon with Lindsey and Caleb.


The problem with my quilt names

The new quilt will end up with a name like pink-green circles but as you can see here that can be an issue when there are options for different color schemes.

This quilt was pieced by Mom using my Blue Green Stars instructions


But look how good it looks in RWB


Blue Green Stars cutting instructions

Back to back trips

We’re heading out today to Georgia to see the kids and I just got home late afternoon yesterday from Virginia so I’ve been running around unpacking and doing laundry along with a few other things.

I started out with some iced coffee! See that pretty spoon holder on the counter? Mom gave me two of them….they are so hard to find and Keith tends to break ours.


After getting the laundry started, I did manage to trim my Twisted 9 patch. I love how this one is turning out but it will have to wait for binding until we get home.


It’s very rare for me to be working on so many of my quilts at one time. Chris’ Spiderweb is waiting for a backing, my HS Anniversary quilt needs to go down for washing, and now the 9 patch is ready for binding.


Chesty is overdue for grooming but a good brushing will have to do until I can get him there next week.


I opened up a box of yarn that arrived while I was gone…I needed some for the next shawl I’m going to do and some other yarn jumped in the cart with it.


And look how far I’ve come on my scarf – this one is coming on our trip and I hope to get it close to finished but I want it nice and long so we’ll see.


If I get off the computer, I might even get a couple 9 patch blocks sashed before it’s time to leave.

Pink and Green

I’ve been wanting to make a pink and green quilt and to combine circles with drunkard’s path blocks….so a little drafting time on the plane today and I have a plan!