I’m in a bit of a panic!

Where did this year go? I’ve made good progress on my summer quilting goals and even added a few things along the way but I don’t see how I can get everything I want to get done this year finished in the time I have left. Can you believe August is almost over???

So on this list of things I want done by the end of the year are:

Piecing 5 tops (includes the current one)
Quilting 3 HeartStrings tops before Oct
Quilting 4 tops of Mom’s, one for my Aunt
Finishing the 4 UFO’s remaining on my UFO Challenge list
Quilting and binding Chris’ quilt by Christmas
Tie at least 12 quilts during the HS Sept sew-in and October while I’m in Maine.

On the knitting list
Finishing my current scarf and the socks in progress
I’d love to knit two shawls I’ve already bought yarn for but would be happy with one

To make this more difficult, I’m traveling twice in September, the entire MONTH of October, at least once in November and once in December ( assuming no other trips are scheduled)

With just 3 items left, I WILL at least finish my summer goals but I have serious concerns about the list above!

Goals – Summer 2011

Bind twisted 9 patch
Make & send postcard for August
Finish 9 patch blocks
Quilt August’s UFO – twisted 9patch
Assemble Chris’ top
Quilt Karen’s sashed HS
Bind July’s UFO
Quilt July’s UFO
Finish letters & piece HS backing
Quilt Mom’s tumbler top
Make & send postcard for July
Finish piecing July’s UFO – my HeartStrings Anniversary Quilt
Quilt Mom’s star/heart top
Bind Churn Dash & Stars
Quilt Churn Dash and Stars top
Piece back for Churn Dash & Stars
Bind the Spiderweb quilt ( June’s UFO)
Piece back for RWB HeartStrings
Assemble RWB HeartStrings top
Bind sashed log cabin quilt
Finish RWB HeartStrings blocks
Quilt my June UFO
Quilt Jan’s blue HS top
Bind RWB quilt from Sue

8 thoughts on “I’m in a bit of a panic!

  1. Stephanie

    Pfft – there were 24 things on your summer list and they are almost all done, and still a week to go. If we set aside the quilts to tie when you away (and call them vacation fun), there are really only 17 things there on the list for the rest of the year. Less than 6 per month. You can do it!

    Stephanie (who also sets big goals)

  2. Gwen

    You are going to be one busy lady! I didn’t see any mention of your family history search. Are you going to put it aside for a few months? Good luck and just looks at one or two things at a time!

  3. Linda in NE

    Looks like you only have three items left on your list. You’ve gotten a lot done this summer.

  4. betty pellissier

    Well,I think its good to have a long list and try your best to get it done. I believe you’ve done an awesome job so for . What I would do is pick out what is the most important ones and do those first and if you run out of time those gets to be on top of next years goals … I do think you need to get busy NOW !! LOL!!

  5. Purple Pam

    With all your traveling, it will be difficult to complete all your goals for the year, but you can do it. You have completed all your summer goals. You are on a roll!

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