My quilting plan

I won’t quilt this until November but as I was walking to the post office today I realized I could do a swirly dwirling in the blocks and swirls in the sashing and border of Chris’ Spiderweb quilt. I’m posting it here so I’ll remember what I wanted to do when the time comes.

The blocks are unfortunately too big to do spirals with my Circle Lord like I did in the first Spiderweb but I like how this looks and Dwirling (from the Pajama Quilter DVD) is easy for me!

I will use a more blendy thread for the border than shown on the drawing. And for anyone interested, I use the app Adobe Idea’s on my iPad to draw out quilting ideas on photographs of my quilts.


5 thoughts on “My quilting plan

  1. Gail M.

    I love that swirly design… it’s perfect for that block. I love how you can just test a quilting motif design on your ipad/computer.

  2. Bonnie in Va.

    What a great way to do swirly — in the block. It will be wonderful. Sigh, I want an ipad. I want apps. I want… a circle lord… sigh. I think I’ll treat myself to an iPad in the future… I find I use my lap top for the same things I would use the iPad so do I really need to replace the whole computer when the time comes? probably not.

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