On my design wall

I wasn’t sure I was going to get any sewing done today after being gone – my first day home is always a catch up day but I finished up all my non sewing tasks and with Keith gone, was able to spend a couple hours in the sewing room tonight working on my Sashed 9 Patch blocks.

I finished up the blocks and they’ll just need sashing and the ┬áborder now. Normally I would go ahead and finish the top but these blocks are going to be put aside probably until November so I can work on a couple piecing projects that need to be done before October. Knowing that – my goal for the summer was just to finish these blocks.

And for any eagle eyed readers out there who may pick up that I have fewer blocks in this than in the design I posted — I often design in two sizes. The original quilt was twin size but I like to have some of my donation quilts twin size, some lap or sofa size, and some kid size and in this case I decided that I have more need of a sofa size quilt as I have several larger and smaller ones here.

One thought on “On my design wall

  1. Brenda in Namibia

    Mary, this is going to be gorgeous! Your blocks are so neat and I am just wondering whether you square off with a rotary cutter or with the Acqu cutter machine?

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