Stephanie was so kind to point out that I’d left my postcards off my new to do list and suggested that maybe I should make them for the rest of the year … well I didn’t manage that but I did get this month and next month’s done and the two for August are already in the mail.

This was the first time I’d used fused binding for the edges and I’m hoping they’ll hold up. Next one I make I might figure out how to do a little beading or stitching through it.

All the thumbnails should enlarge when clicked.

You can see I need some practice on my Shi Sha mirror embroidery. I did a quick search and found this tutorial that I might try. I could throw something like this out that didn’t work all that well but I send them anyway and consider it a learning experience.

3 thoughts on “Postcards

  1. Barbara

    Hi Mary! I always admire your postcards although I’m not sure what the background on this project is — who you send them to or if there is a theme you follow. Where do you get your ideas or designs from?

  2. Kristy Wilkinson

    I love the fish! The details are so pretty. How did you do it? Is it fused on first and then you added embroidery? The beading is really nice too. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Tanya

    Glad to know you are all safe. I went over to see the Shi Sha embroidery. It is the first time I’ve seen that.

    I really need to get motivated to make some fabric postcards. Yours are always so inspiring but I never get any done…

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