Deck weather!

This is the perfect time of year to spend a (happy) hour or two on the deck with my book and a glass of wine!


6 Responses to “Deck weather!”

  • i kid you not mary. it is 105 farenheit right now on my back porch. you go girl.

  • Enjoy! I’ve been sitting outside for many hours today also. It’s been a cold and wet summer, but today it was 25 degrees even without sunshine. It was so great to sit outside and do a few stitches:o)
    The Autumn is coming around for sure, and beautiful colors are already decorating the landscapes. Not so much yet, but I guess it will be a gorgeous sight in a few weeks.
    Happy sewing,

  • Pat C in Washington:

    Ahhhh……how nice! I’m just going to head back down to my sewing room or I’d be heading outside to the gazebo to loll about. But I need to get something accomplished tonight because tomorrow I’m going up to the family beach place just for the day for NOTHING but lolling about. Well, I might wash my car and pull a few weeds. The beach always needs weeding. We’ve had precious few days of sun in the Pacific Northwest this summer and I’m going to enjoy some sun tomorrow.

  • SaraF:

    We had deck weather today too. Have to take advantage of those since it has mostly been too hot and humid to be outside this summer.

  • meg:

    Glad to read your family will be safe. Lovely pic of you.

  • Nikki:

    Any weather is good wine weather, imho! Enjoy yourself! Glad the family is safe.

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