Out of harm’s way

Much of my family is in the path of Irene but luckily Mom went to my sister’s house yesterday along with baby Emma and Leala ( Emma’s Mom).


My sister and I used FaceTime on our iPads today to chat so I got to see all 4 of them and they got to see Chesty and Keith. I don’t have a photo from our chat but here’s one of Mom with Emma taken earlier this month by my sister.


I’m glad they’re out of the storm path and hope the rest of the family stays safe.

3 thoughts on “Out of harm’s way

  1. Deb Praus

    Was just coming over to check about your family…glad they are safe.
    Isn’t this something….a friend emailed to say that there had been a tornado, but they were all okay! Checked on my daughter in Boston, lots of thunderstorms and rain. They are battened down! Thanks for the update!

  2. Cindy in NC

    I was thinking about your family and am glad to hear they are safe. There was very little damage in my part of NC. A dead tree behind my daughter’s townhouse (a mile away from me) came down and took the power line with it. She and her husband were out at the time, but their 85-lb German Shepherd was so scared that she managed to force her way out of her crate. I believe the crate is beyond repair. In the space of four days we’ve had an earthquake and a hurricane here in NC.

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