21 thoughts on “HomeSpun Rails

  1. Susan Denton

    I like the inside– and thought borders? When you mentioned them…. now that I see what you did with the borders– this REALLY adds a lot. I guess I had in mind a solid– or one fabric. But the fabrics you used and the scrappiness are just perfect.

    I’ve been missing some of the quilting posts– and pictures. But glad you’ve gotten to travel and be with your kids and grandbaby. Priorities, after all!

  2. Cindy B.

    The borders are like icing on a cake. The cake would taste good without the frosting … but frosting is soooo yummy.

  3. Teresa

    I love this quilt top! I now can see how bright the colors are. I love bright colors! It is really interesting looking, too, with the design of the fabrics. It is looking cozy and comfy ready for the winter.
    Teresa in AL

  4. Geri Faivre

    Another nice quilt. You certainly have a knack for putting colors together. I envy you.

    I have a question about your Seafoam scarf. I’m trying to make this scarf, but I’m having trouble getting the pattern established. Did you have trouble at the beginning? Maybe I’m not counting the stitches correctly, but when it comes to dropping off the yo’s I seem to lose stitches and not have enough to knit on the next row. Any ideas? Thanks.

  5. Flatlander (Linda)

    Really nice job, Mary … is this a flannel quilt or are those homespuns and regular cottons? LOVE plaid and checks in a quilt. Scratches and pets to Chesty!

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