How do you motivate yourself?

I have been avoiding the longarm room to such an extent that I chose to assemble a top and add borders yesterday rather than come down and load a quilt. Usually I’ll do anything to delay having to assemble a top!

I knew if I was going to get the tops quilted this month that need to be done, I had to get started TODAY so I chose the smallest top and quilted something fun – a Swirly version of Dwirling from the Pajama Quilter DVD. This little HeartStrings top of Jan’s was done in no time….now to convince myself to load the next one when I come back from a walk & dinner.

12 thoughts on “How do you motivate yourself?

  1. Quilter Kathy

    Sometimes I have to set deadlines. And sometimes I just set a small goal (hoping that I get involved in the task and keep working away) I love that circular dwirling pattern you did on this quilt.

  2. Mary C in WA

    If I had full access to a ‘real’ Longarm I think I would catch up on my UFO’s for sure! I do find it hard to choose whether to stitch or Quilt when I go out to my quilt buddies where I use her Longarm; when it’s not busy with Customer Quilts. Deadlines like upcoming quilt shows force me to get my quilts done, too!

  3. RobinLovesQuilting

    I just tell myself I cannot buy more fabric until I get X, Y or Z done. I peruse constantly, so it’s never long before I find something I want and then… instant motivation.

  4. Judy C in NC

    There’s absolutely no reason for being rushed along with the rush… Everybody should be free to go very slow ~ Robert Frost

    I do believe I have started to live by this quote. We have worked all our lives in public service with deadlines and crisis – that in retirement my DH and I do not live in stress. We even have a Day-of-the-Week clock and look at that more than the time-of-day clock. LoL It just gets done when we feel motivated. Life is good – Judy C in NC

  5. Deb

    I agree with Judy. I’ve decided that it is my life and I’m finally going to do the things that please me, in the order that they please me. No one is forcing me to get the sewing done, or the knitting done, or reading. It’s supposed to be enjoyable. It’s not my job, but my relaxation. I understand if you are doing it as a job….but in my case, not so much. Enjoy your life!

  6. Cille

    You quilt beautifully 🙂 I don’t need a lot of motivation. Because quilting time is limited i liook forward to it. I almost feel cheated if i dont get to do a little cutting or sewing. The only thing i would like to skip is the actual quilting… But thats because i am so bad at it. Feels like I am ruining my patchwork. For those kind of things my best motivation is a WIP Wednesday blogpost ot monthly summary. Lack of progress never feels good 🙂

  7. Connie

    I seem to go in spurts where I want to free motion quilt and then other times I have to force myself. Sometimes all I want to do is piece or cut…….I always like starting new projects.

  8. nikki

    I am so glad to know that you sometimes dread the long arm part of it. I have a mid arm that is new to me….and I dread using it. Right now it sits in our bedroom and the cat sleeps on my trial quilt. I feel terribly guilty about not using it. I mainly make charity quilts sot to me, when I don’t finish them it means someone is without the warmth and that is tough to face. I have to think about ways to motivate myself. Right now I am trying to finish a quilt top for my sister before she moves to Germany. Hopefully once I master that, the rest will be a breeze. Pray for me!

  9. Norece

    I am a tad bit concerned with what will happen to all my “quilting stuff” when I can no longer use it. I do think of my husband and children having to go through all my unfinished projects, piles of scraps and strings. So I set myself a schedule to get tops finished and quilted and all my messes cleaned up. I am taking flannel and making pet beds for the animal shelter, using bits of batting and fabric cut into 2-3 inch squares for the stuffing. I have made 20 so far and have a pilow case made and hanging off the cutting table to put my bits into. Not sure why I was saving small bits of batting.So my motivation, right now, is not to have to have my family deal with this mess I have created. So far it is working!

  10. Sue

    My sister comes over every Friday night and stays over – she sews non-stop, but she motivates me to do something,too. I think you are very motivated. As I’ve said before, I really envy you. Honestly, you do more in a week than I do in a month! Your blog is one of the first I check every day because I know you will have written and have pictures, too. Just keep doing what you do!

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