I was on a roll yesterday

After quilting the HeartStrings top, I got this top of my Aunt’s loaded and started last night.

Tuesday’s are my library/genealogy days but after getting home this evening I finished it up.

The pantograph Herbology suits the leafy fabrics and colors and it’s a good choice for a guy quilt.

8 Responses to “I was on a roll yesterday”

  • Cyndi Holguin:

    I Love this pattern. Yupe looks like it would be perfect for guy quilts. WOW I want to quilt so much. But I got some embroidery to do for a wedding. I don’t know how you motivate yourself so much. I am currently exhausted we have had company all weekend for a wedding in John’s family then a friend of ours came over to ask me to embroider Handkerchiefs for the wedding and 3 of them need a photo on them. Whatever you do I can use the advice right now. Have an awesome day on Tuesday.

  • Very cool quilting pattern! You sure are on a roll!

  • Nancy B.:

    Lovely! Mary, your quilting always shows up so beautifully, and compliments the quilt just perfectly…may i ask what kind of batting do you usually use?

  • Anna:

    I’m so jealous. I want to be home quilting instead of at work. Great job!

  • The pattern fits very well. Your quilts are great.

    Greeting Guilitta

  • Great quilt and beautiful quilting!

  • great quilting pattern for that quilt.

  • Beautiful pantograph pattern! The colors in the quilt are wonderful, your Aunt does beautiful work. You are fast!

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