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Breakfast of Champions!

I’m so bad but I’ve been dreaming of Krispy Kreme donuts since driving by the store on Monday. I couldn’t resist them this morning at the airport.

Heading home now!


I’m an idiot

Deb sent me what I thought were some embellishments for postcards when she sent me the yarn I’m using for my current scarf and I didn’t open the package up to look at them closely until tonight….when I realized they weren’t embellishments….they were stitch markers for my knitting that she’d made.

Duh…. Thank you Deb and Happy Birthday!


Bits and pieces

It’s funny what bits and pieces of family history you know. Mom and I drove to North Carolina to visit her sister today and she showed me where her grandparents and great grandparents lived.

The funny thing is that my grandmother (Mom’s stepmother) lived in the house with Mom’s aunt and I had visited her there…never knowing that the house they lived in was my great grandparents’ house and that my Mom had lived there a few years after her mother died.


I also hadn’t known that the land where Mom’s other sister had lived had once belonged to her father and Mom had lived there after her father remarried….and it was right across the street from her grandparents.

We had a really nice visit with my Aunt and Uncle. You can see the family resemblance between Mom and her sister.


The River


I’m in Virginia

Attending a baby shower for my nephew’s wife – so nice to see everyone. We had a really, really nice time.





Design Journal

I mentioned a while back that I was using Evernote as a design journal. I can use it on my computer, my iPhone and my iPad and it syncs up automatically so no matter what device I save something on, it’s available on all three.

I just realized today that I can save a post from Mobile RSS ( I use this app to read blogs on the iPad) directly to Evernote. So much easier than copying and pasting!


In addition to laundry and packing…

I decided I needed to tackle the mess of paperwork in need of filing. The kitchen island is now clean!

And my reward – casting on another scarf – this one called Seafoam – a free pattern at and being knit with hand dyed yarn that Deb sent me. You can’t see it very well in this photo but the darker bits are actually green and of course, you’ll see the pattern a little better with blocking. I wanted mine a little more open and airy so I’m using fingering yarn and size 8 needles. I still don’t have a lot of confidence in my ability to modify knitting patterns but that doesn’t stop me from trying.

Sashed 9 patch

I had a couple questions about blocks on the design wall. This is going to be a double sashed 9 patch quilt and funny enough, it was one of the designs I was playing with in January 2010 when I decided to make the twisted 9 patch. What are the chances that I would end up piecing this one when I was finishing up the binding and quilting on the first one?

For those with questions, I wrote up some quick cutting instructions.


Twisted 9 Patch

One step closer to finishing this month’s UFO.

I knew I wanted something with curves to balance the angles in the quilt and considered a few options before choosing the pantograph Bubbles. On these scrap quilts – it’s the texture that’s important to me so I want my thread to be blendy not jumping out. In this case, I used a Permacore thread called Camel – it’s probably my most frequently used  thread.

This quilt would never win any awards but it’s been fun. There are instructions on my website if you’re interested.

Back to socks

I finished my scarf and needed something to work on for about an hour before heading to the library so I grabbed the socks. Boy these needles feel small!


I did get the yarn from Deb wound into a ball and plan to get another scarf cast on before traveling on Friday. I’m enjoying my knitting time.

Do you use a design wall?

Until we moved to Minneapolis, I used the floor but when we moved I didn’t have the floor space to lay out blocks so I found a portable one at a quilt show. I have to admit I’m more likely to pick up errors or blocks that I want to move around with a vertical wall – and since moving to the townhouse here – it sits out at the top of my landing so every time I walk up and down the stairs I study what’s up there.

Today – I tossed the sashed 9 patch blocks back up since they’re next to be finished but I’m feeling the urge to get out again so my day will be a repeat of yesterday – lunch, some knitting at the coffee shop and then the library for more genealogy research. I got half of my August UFO quilted this morning so I don’t feel too unproductive!

So what’s on your design wall?


How’s your weekend going?

Keith and I had a lovely day yesterday – brunch, a few errands, and then a bike ride out to the lakes.

They have the best bike paths here in Minneapolis and I always take a quilt with us so we can sit for a while and enjoy the view before heading home.

Today, I’m on my own and after finally getting a full night sleep, I was up early. I decided I’d do a couple of my least favorite things and then spend the rest of the day doing what  I want (brunch, some knitting at the coffee shop, and then some library time). See how great my scarf is looking?  I bet I have it done in a day or so.

First up was getting the border on this Spiderweb top and now it’s done! One more thing checked off my Summer “to do” list. Thanks to his grandmother piecing these blocks – Chris might actually get this quilt when he comes to visit us at Christmas. (Might! I’m making no promises)

Task two was loading my UFO for August on the longarm. In the end it was an easy choice between the two because I had a backing already made for the twisted 9 patch and the tan thread that’s already on the machine will work for it too. Now I just have to decide what to quilt on it.

I’m ready to head out now and I hope you all are enjoying your weekend!

Just a couple weeks to go

We’re squeezing a quick visit into the travel schedule to pop down to GA to see the kids! Can’t wait to see this big boy.


Another night spent working

I’ve got Chris’ Spiderweb top assembled and it just needs the one border which it will get on Sunday when Keith leaves, some knitting on my scarf, and I quilted this donation top of Karen’s.

Quilted with the pantograph Halcyon. Her colors are so rich and warm – I love it.

I also spent some time on and came across this very simple Verona Shaw. It’s like a cross between a scarf and a shawl and I like that for winters around here. The other nice thing is that it’s straight stockinette stitch so I could actually watch TV or talk when I’m knitting it. I find that if I have any counting in my pattern, I need to work alone in a quiet place!

I think I might give it a try after I finish this scarf — I might do one more scarf too – we’ll see. I think my socks are going to be set aside for a little while as I’m enjoying knitting something different.

And since I’m not having any luck sleeping unless I’m exhausted – I’m going to shower, walk downtown for breakfast and then spend a little time in the library.

August’s UFO

For her UFO challenge Judy pulled the #7 for August and that’s one I’ve already finished so I get to choose another one from my list to finish this month. I’m thinking one of these two from my list – both just need some fun/simple overall quilting and binding and will be donated when they’re finished.

So which will I choose? This one?

Or maybe this one?  I guess we’ll know toward the end of the month when I decide I need to get working!

You have differing opinions

It’s always interesting to hear what others would do but I don’t think everyone read my last post completely – I’ve already made up my mind how I’m going to finish the Spiderweb. And while sashing and assembling a top are not my favorite parts of quilting, I’m making progress and plan to have it finished in the next few days – a couple more seams to sew the rows together and then it will be ready for borders.

It’s not unusual for me to make 5 or even 10 different options when I’m designing a quilt in EQ and while any one of them would usually work – I choose the one that suits my mood, my fabric, and the time I want to devote to that particular quilt.

I’ve already made a version with multiple borders and that’s not going to be in the plan for this one — it will get a single finishing border the same width, same fabric as the sashing and there won’t be cornerstones in the border. (I find that version way too busy.)


I love EQ7

I promise I won’t bore you every day with my progress on the Spiderweb quilt but there’s something just magical that happens to these blocks as they are sashed with the pinwheel cornerstones.

So as I was sashing another row in the middle of the night, I wondered if I should include the pinwheels in the border – and this is where my love of EQ7 comes in. I could see right away that I like the plain border best. It’s especially nice because if I had started to cut up my border strips into sections and THEN discovered I didn’t like it, I’d be in trouble because I don’t have enough extra fabric to cut the borders twice.

I’ve made up my mind already but I’ll include both EQ7 drawings here so you can decide which you like better.

trying to sleep ….

Are you tired of reading of my insomnia? Well you’re not alone because I’m tired of it!

In between 3 hour naps I am making some progress – the Spiderweb quilt is coming along and with each row gets more amazing — it’s really the sashing and the pinwheel cornerstones that makes these blocks come alive.

I’ve also been knitting – my Crest of the Wave scarf is coming right along – such an EASY knit although I’m still managing to make some mistakes. It will need blocking when I’m done but I’m loving it.

And while I was looking at another free Ravelry pattern for the yarn Deb sent me, Julie emailed me a link to her scarf made from this free pattern – very similar to the Stolen from the Sea pattern but knit widthwise rather than lengthwise which I love.

A view of the back

For those of you that requested a view of the back of my HeartStrings quilt.

I had intended for the letters to be further offset in the bottom right corner but I forgot that I had to load the backing upside down to quilt the Baptist Fans when I was piecing it so it’s more centered than I’d wanted.


On my design wall

I’m not sure how Chris managed to talk me into another quilt but at least Mom helped by piecing the blocks for me.

These blocks have been up there for several weeks but I’m finally starting to sash them. This is a variation of my Spiderweb quilt and it will just have one border  that is the same width as the sashing.

And here’s an update on my progress toward completing my list of goals for the summer. My plan is to quilt some HeartStrings tops in between these last 4 tasks but I’ve got a couple trips planned too so we’ll see how it goes.

Finish August’s UFO
Make & send postcard for August
Finish 9 patch blocks
Assemble Chris’ top
  Bind July’s UFO
  Quilt July’s UFO
  Finish letters & piece HS backing
  Quilt Mom’s tumbler top
  Make & send postcard for July
  Finish piecing July’s UFO – my HeartStrings Anniversary Quilt
  Quilt Mom’s star/heart top
  Bind Churn Dash & Stars
  Quilt Churn Dash and Stars top 
  Piece back for Churn Dash & Stars
  Bind the Spiderweb quilt ( June’s UFO)
  Piece back for RWB HeartStrings
  Assemble RWB HeartStrings top
  Bind sashed log cabin quilt
  Finish RWB HeartStrings blocks
  Quilt my June UFO
  Quilt Jan’s blue HS top
  Bind RWB quilt from Sue
  Bind Kathy’s RWB HS quilt
  Quilt my sashed log cabin
  Quilt RWB top from Sue
  Finish postcards for May & June