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Rest stop

6 States and 15.5 hours and we’re breaking for the night. We’ll be back at it early tomorrow.


Puppy jail

Good thing he travels well and doesn’t mind his crate


Past the 1/4 mark


It takes LOTS of coffee

We brought our own mugs with us.


On the road

We did it, Packed last night and we’re off early this morning.


I’ve got nothing

Nothing to show, nothing interesting to share.

I got home last night and I’ve been in a frenzy – unpacking, doing laundry, packing to head back to Maine for a month, CLEANING my house which I have to say was a complete mess, putting the design wall away, winding skeins of yarn into balls, getting my hair cut….

I’ve got 45 minutes now until Keith meets me for dinner and my next post will be from the road. I’ll be glad to get into some kind of a routine if only for the month. Keith of course will be traveling and back here frequently but Chesty and I are going to stay put the entire month of October.

Sneaking off

I snuck off by myself for just a little while this afternoon. Tomorrow I head home.



I’ve got my trip home booked for Wednesday and then on Friday, I’ll be heading back to Maine. I have a stack of tops/backs/batting all waiting to be tied although I do have a couple tops that need a wider batting. If I have room in the car, I’ll bring some from home otherwise I’ll get it there.



In addition to seeing Mom and other family members my trip to VA allows me to see babies! Siobhan and Savannah were here today.




I left Maine today and rather than going home I made a side trip to Virginia. I don’t know if you’ll see any sewing from me this week but I might get a little knitting done and if I get the urge to piece something I can always raid Mom’s stash.


…long work days

I look forward to this week all year. It’s very busy and I work long hours but I love working alongside these quilters and you know I love Maine!



I made it to Maine!

I’m spending the next few days with fellow HeartStrings members, can you guess what I’ll be doing?


Yep, that’s my tying table with the first quilt all set up ….and here’s me getting ready to work!


I wanted to cry too

The Vikings lost again – so sad but I did get through some items on my list which is good since I’m heading to Maine tomorrow.


In case Adam is reading…I should tell you that I sent Caleb the Vikings shirt and told Adam he had to send me a photo of him in it. They’re Bucs fans and were very pleased with the outcome of today’s game.

For those of you missing Chesty

One scarf done

The red one still needs blocking but this one is done – it could probably use some blocking too but it will have to wait and I plan to wear it next week.

The pattern is Seafoam – a free download from

The yarn is fingering weight, knit on size 8 needles. It was hand dyed and gifted to me by my sister Deb and I think this was the perfect use for it.

It’s kind of hard to get a good photo, the beads look lighter in the photo above than they really are – they’re all shades of blue, turquoise, and green and go well with the yarn. For some reason the green is not photographing well – not in the beads or in the yarn.


Do you like buttons?

Mom has agreed to let me add some buttons to the center flower.


Working on my list

I finished knitting this scarf on the way home from the North Shore and if I get the beading done I’ll wear it on the trip to Maine


I really am not very good at this

You think I’d be a better quilter after 10+ years but I still struggle with these kinds of quilts. I’d like to blame it one the fact that I don’t do enough of this type of quilting but who knows if practice would make me any better.

This is a wallhanging of Mom’s and hopefully she won’t regret having me quilt it for her 🙂

The lighting tonight isn’t the best for showing the quilting and I always find RED hard to photograph but in this case, sharing less detailed photos are probably kinder to me the quilter!

It’s hard to see but the fern quilting in the outer border did turn out nicely – I’ll definitely do that again.

Out and about

Before running errands this afternoon, I met my friends Susan and Wendi for a visit to a local quilt shop and lunch. We ate at a fun place that had paint by number paintings all over their walls.



It was hard to leave but I know I’m heading for Maine on Monday so that helps! A few days at home, I wonder what I’ll mark off my list??