I left Maine today and rather than going home I made a side trip to Virginia. I don’t know if you’ll see any sewing from me this week but I might get a little knitting done and if I get the urge to piece something I can always raid Mom’s stash.


3 thoughts on “Detour

  1. Jean McKinstry

    Hi, to me in NZ that looks like a mighty long way. We have friends in St Croix in Maine,they stayed with us some years ago,and told me of the high snow they had to shovel away at the end of winter.Do you get snow where you are?
    My sewing project at the moment is a “Monet’s Hexagon” wall hanging, a Shirley Goodwin pattern. This is a gift, but I like it so much will do one for our own home later.Cheers from Jean

  2. Nancy

    Take every opportunity you can to spend time with your Mother. I treasure all the times I had with my Mom, even if we just shared a cup of tea together.

    Savor your time together.

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