I’ve got nothing

Nothing to show, nothing interesting to share.

I got home last night and I’ve been in a frenzy – unpacking, doing laundry, packing to head back to Maine for a month, CLEANING my house which I have to say was a complete mess, putting the design wall away, winding skeins of yarn into balls, getting my hair cut….

I’ve got 45 minutes now until Keith meets me for dinner and my next post will be from the road. I’ll be glad to get into some kind of a routine if only for the month. Keith of course will be traveling and back here frequently but Chesty and I are going to stay put the entire month of October.

4 thoughts on “I’ve got nothing

  1. Karen

    Hi Mary…..After your recent hurrying to finish things up at home, I hope you have a restful trip. Safe travels!

    Hugs, Karen

  2. BJ Bates

    Mary I know U have heard this many times, but your website and blog ARE absolutely one of the ones I read daily. I have done quite a few of the spider quilts for the Vets. The other blog I like is and read daily like I read yours is crazymomquilts…by AmandaJean. Just wanted U to know that you are an awesome person. Bonita in Northeast FL

  3. Marillyn Smith

    A whole month in Maine sounds heavenly. Hope that Keith can join you now and then. Enjoy the beauty that will surround you and get lots of knitting done!



  4. Brenda in Namibia

    I agree with Bonita! I live in a tiny desert town and Mary always adds fun to my day. Have a great month, Mary!

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