7 thoughts on “Puppy jail

  1. Anna

    Poor baby! I have a cocker spaniel and she rides in the seat and sleeps most of the way. Have a safe and fun trip.

  2. nikki

    While it might look like puppy jail to us, it is definitely one of the safest ways for dogs of any size to travel. I particularly use them cuz the little dogs seem to fall off the seats when you brake suddenly easier than the big dogs…maybe they are not as strong? Or perhaps I should not be driving so fast that I need to brake suddenly, lol. Have a safe trip!

    I want to take Winston with me when I go to Germany. I just have to train him to lay down in his Sherpa bag….at least until we take off, then his little head can pop out. Can’t wait to travel with him. It was always so stressful to ship our dogs with the luggage. Hate trusting others with my babies, lol.

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