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Short attention span

Guess who had the bright idea to buy the puzzle the other night? Guess who got bored after 15 minutes? Guess who didn’t finish their part even after I did half of the top border for him?


We had a lovely drive up to Grand Marais today.


A perfect day

Hiking Tettegouche State Park and Temperance River



I love my life

The water, a book, planning tomorrow’s hike – I’m grateful to God and Keith and to those that protect, serve, and keep us safe.


The North Shore


A new baby

My nephew and his wife became proud parents of another little girl Thursday. We’ve had 3 new babies in the family since Caleb was born but he remains the only boy of 7 great-grandchildren. I can’t wait until my next trip home to meet Siobhan!


Do you love it?

The Diamond and Rails top is done and I love it every bit as much as I thought I would.

You can find my process for recreating the antique quilt on my website.

I am SO excited

We head up to the North Shore and Lake Superior first thing in the morning! This was a photo from last fall – we stay right on the lake and Keith took his paper and coffee out every morning.


I’ve got the Diamonds and Rails partially assembled and if I head up right now, I might even finish the top before going to bed.

Getting started on Sept’s UFO

I had already completed #8 on my list so I chose one of the remaining 3 to quilt today.

I have to say that I both love and not so much love the quilting I did on this one. Overall it has kind of a loopy, random look which I’m not crazy about but as I move in closer….


I begin to like it more …. freehand butterflies from the Pajama Quilter DVD

And up close – I love the individual butterflies and they’re very fun to quilt. The piecing is my 16 Patch and Pinwheels and brief instructions can be found on my website.

It still needs binding of course, but it will soon be another UFO marked off the list!

I just love these Lime Green HeartStrings

Other than one top of my own, this is the last top I have here from our last project that is waiting for quilting.

SO pretty and pastel, pieced by Cindy and sent to me to finish and donate. I love that she used different greens for the centers!

Look how great this pantograph looks on it – Hearts in Bloom by Timeless Quilting Designs – I bought mine at Willow Leaf Studio and it’s just perfect for this quilt.

Every time I work on one of these tops pieced by someone else and pull a backing to go with it (in this case pieced by Sheree from donated fabric) I am amazed at how many people participate in the completion of our quilts.


Where did my memory go?

In spite of lists and calendar entries I still forgot to do 2 things I needed to do today. I’m so frustrated with my forgetfulness which is not typical for me!

On my design wall

My blocks are done and now I’m wondering if I will end up keeping this one – it’s a lot brighter than the quilts I usually make for myself. I told Keith that I should worry about just getting it made rather than trying to decide where it’s going to end up. I do love how it looks and am anxious to get to the quilting.

I wrote this over on my website also but I’ll note here that the strips used for the Rail blocks were cut 1.5, 2, and 2.5 inches and other than alternating a bright with a black strip I just kept adding different widths until I came up with about 11 inches – my blocks are usually slightly undersized so by allowing that extra half inch, I was able to trim the block to 10.5 inches.


I’m in love

I thought this quilt was going to be a donation quilt but as I finished up my diamond blocks today and started to thinking about how I would quilt this one. I realized it was for ME!

To be hand quilted in the big stitch style with perle cotton.

It was so pretty that I even had to gather up my fabric confetti from the floor and put it in a jar.


For the curious

For what it’s worth, here’s my wordy explanation of the piecing of my diamond blocks — the info for my Rail blocks will be posted later — when I actually make a few.

Diamonds and Rails

Diamonds and Rails

I’m having SO much fun! The contrast in that top (R) block isn’t as good as I’d like although its better than it looks – if I have enough fabric – I’ll probably remake it.

I won’t be posting instructions but at the risk of having people tell me how I should be making these blocks, I’ll be sharing my process for making this quilt as I go along. But for now, I’m heading out with Keith for Happy Hour and dinner. He’s been gone all week so we have some catching up to do.



Here’s a better shot of the top block – close up the contrast is better but the purple fabric is a little too blendy.

Quilting at night again

Since I slept late and then started a new quilt this afternoon – I decided to get a top loaded and quilted tonight so I stay on schedule with my list of goals.

Normally HeartStrings quilts just need great texture rather than motif type quilting but in this case, I thought that the darker blue border needed something more. The pantograph is Whirlygig and while you can’t really “see” the design in the center of the quilt, it looks great on the border. The top was pieced by Jan.

Diamonds and Rails

HeartStrings has a new project starting this month and going on through October that uses black centers with brights OR homespuns so what am I doing playing around in EQ?

Sandi posted a link on HeartStrings to this quilt that I absolutely fell in love with and knew I’d have to try and recreate….so I’m going to cheat a bit and work on recreating it with my black and brights. I’ll still try to get a HeartStrings top done with black and homespuns or at the very least some blocks to send in for group quilts but for now, here’s my EQ drawing. I’m not going to try and make this wonky because I intend to use my Accuquilt GO to cut the diamonds and strips.

I was playing a bit with the construction of the diamond blocks which you can see on the wall with this top of Mom’s that I’ve got up while I’m “thinking” about how I’m going to quilt it.

I’m also debating using a solid black versus a print because black solids seem to show so much lint and I want the quilt to be practical because it will be a donation quilt so I’m leaning toward the polka dot in this photo.

Day one

My Learn Something New Every Day class begins today — I don’t plan to share my daily page here but will be uploading them to this album if anyone is interested.

I’ll keep to a single background and format and will update the titles and photos throughout the month. I find it’s easier for me to keep up with a simple format like this especially with the travel I’ll be doing.



My cousin posted a link on Facebook to a music project on this site. How cool is this? I’ve never heard of the site before but you can help fund projects. Take a minute to read through the informationabout how it works, I love the idea of being able to help fund creative projects in a small way.

Keith and I joined in backing the music project from a well known Celtic group called Solas (another cousin, Seamus Egan, is a band member).

http://Solas’ Shamrock City Project