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In my own little world

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After two people mentioned snow this weekend it occurred to me to go check the weather since we plan to be on the road very early Sunday….. this could be a problem since we have to drive right through the area forecasted to get the brunt of this storm.


We have very little room for modifying our plans due to Keith’s work schedule so we’re just going to have to see how this unfolds tomorrow.

This day flew by!

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First lunch with Bev and passing off all the quilts! It felt great to get them all done and even better to send them on their way.

Then some shopping at LLBean. I meant to buy just a pair of flannel sleep/lounging pants but a few more items jumped in my bag.

I had a little time to kill before picking up Keith at the airport so I drove down Route 1 from Freeport and stopped in to see Eartha


Done, done, done!

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18 quilts tied and bound, plus the binding on my UFO for last month and I’m ALL done – no more work until I get home next week. Tomorrow I’ll meet with Bev and Darlene for lunch and to pass off all the finished quilts.

This first one was finished after dark and I just can’t get a good photo inside here. It was a donation top that needed to be “reconstructed” and I think it’s the one that Brenda fixed at the sew-in.


This was another one pieced by Jackie. Normally I prefer tying HeartStrings quilts to other patterns but these 3 of Jackie’s were fun to work on.



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I’ve been doing a lot of genealogy research while I’ve been in Maine and that has included visiting graveyards to find Keith’s relatives. In searching for his great uncle Carl’s grave yesterday I found this one – now I want to bury Chesty in a graveyard with a headstone when he passes. Don’t you love it??



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I’ve blogged before about my scrabble games with Keith. I play against the computer on the iPad and iPhone and Keith and I have used the Pass and Play option but for the first time we used the WiFi to play.

I was nice and let him use the iPad with it’s larger screen so you can see who won!

Counting down

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With just a week to go, I’m trying to finish up the HeartStrings I’ve been tying and binding. They’ll stay here Maine for donating.

This one was pieced by Jackie and I used the birthing method again. It adds another option for finishing when I have a quilt with a backing that I don’t want to bring around to the front.