Last week I found 3 different cemeteries that Keith had relatives buried in so we visited one today to find his great grandparents. Also found a couple of his grandfather’s brothers but no luck finding his grandfather. I’ll keep looking for his death info which I’m hoping will lead me to the right cemetery.



I also got back to work on tying quilts today. I’ve got two small ones ready for binding.

4 thoughts on “Cemeteries

  1. Lori-Marie

    Hello Mary,
    How interesting.
    Imagine that we are a family that takes care of a cemetery! 😉
    Yes, my husband is a sexton, his main job keeps him busy &
    the children & I do “the main” portion! (how’d that work) ha 🙂
    Any way, I am so sure that at what ever office these cemeteries are cared for through, they can help or connect you with a elerly one that “knows”.
    I am amazed at meeting some one who comes to visit and learn
    “all they know” history wise as to different ones laid to rest 😉
    I am really fasinated at some things they have to share!
    Maybe you’ll run into some one & they be a help!
    We enjoy helping families that are tracking their families as well…
    hope you find everyone & all your looking for 🙂
    Enjoy your week.

  2. Pat C in Washington

    Oh dear, I love to take pictures in cemeteries too! I have pictures in Maine and Massachusetts, and lots in Washington state of course. I used to always take my son with me when we’d put flowers out on Memorial Day and we’d put coffee cans full of flowers on grave after grave. He’d say “what kind of cousins are these guys?” (meaning, are they 1st cousins once removed, or what – he never did understand that).

  3. Nanette

    See if you can get a copy of his death certificate, sometimes they list place of internment, or you can check ancestry.com they have old obituaries which would also list place of burial. I found some old pictures of my father from his high school yearbook. It is really neat some of the things they have on their. Good luck. If you don’t remember what his date of death was you can use http://ssdi.rootsweb.ancestry.com/ to get dates, even which is scary his social security number.

  4. Brenda in Namibia

    John and Ellen lived to good ages! How wonderful to find these graves and they look so well preserved. I have had a couple of good “smart match” breakthroughs for my ancestors in the UK – still hunting the connections who went to Arizona and to Toronto though. Good luck further, Mary!
    PS My Electric Quilt 7 arrived with our friends from Canada – all installed and ready to go!

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