Repeating myself

Still binding, knitting, and spending time researching Keith’s side of the family. Found his great grandmother’s grave today and his great aunt was buried there too – a bonus!

Bound 2 quilts…I’ll share photos tomorrow.

Sunsets have been subtle rather than dramatic but I love the change in light over the water.


5 thoughts on “Repeating myself

  1. Kim

    Hi Mary!
    I’ve enjoyed your photos of Maine and hearing about all you’ve been up to. Seems that you are settled in comfortably and truly enjoying your time there. The fall colors of autumn up here in northern MN has nearly gone the way of strong winds and heavy frost from the past two mornings, although gorgeous and warmish this weekend has been so far. So I’m heading out for a walk with Lucy as Simon and Schuster nap by the fireplace. It’s nearly “quilting season” again for me. The show at Quilting on the Waterfront” at Canal Park (yesterday) has me inspired to sew. Enjoy your time in Maine.

  2. Tanya

    That beautiful sunset is stunning. It makes me wonder about the house there in the foreground. It sits in many of your pictures and so enhances the scenery.

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