A lazy morning

I’m sitting on the deck tying a quilt and Chesty and Keith are walking on the beach.



In a little bit we’ll head to town to watch some football.

4 Responses to “A lazy morning”

  • Cindy B.:

    Chesty is so white, I can’t even see him on the sand.

  • I am enjoying your posts from Maine. Keep them coming.

  • Love your pix…sounds like a great visit…we went to our beach to walk today…sooo soothing….Julierose

  • Pat C in Washington:

    Love it! That is my idea of a good time….working on a quilt and enjoying the scenery. Our former dog Max used to love to run on the beach, which always involved an outdoors bath afterwards, since he found it necessary to roll in something dead every time. Even if we had him on a leash, a 120 pound German Shepherd who is determined to roll in something dead is by gosh going to do it. Makes me smile now, but wasn’t nearly so funny back then!

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