I’ve blogged before about my scrabble games with Keith. I play against the computer on the iPad and iPhone and Keith and I have used the Pass and Play option but for the first time we used the WiFi to play.

I was nice and let him use the iPad with it’s larger screen so you can see who won!

4 thoughts on “Scrabble

  1. Vicky F

    Hi Mary,
    My husband and I also play wifi Scrabble on our phones. We usually have at least 3 games (to see who gets 2 out of 3). We even had a “draw” once or twice.
    Vicky F

  2. Alison in the UK

    Hi Mary, what app is this? I’ve looked in the app store, but the only Scrabble I can find has different screen shots to yours. I love following your blog, it would be wonderful if you could mention the app name in posts where you talk about apps. We’re always looking for new apps that others are enjoying :). I’ve just discovered one where you can track every aeroplane in the sky, it’s called Plane Finder. Fascinating!

  3. Kath Garvey

    I love Scrabble as well, I usually have two games going at once. We play Scabble on Facebook. Though I have the IPad version, which I usually play against the computer. My son wins me all the time, but I will keep trying!!!

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