I’ve been doing a lot of genealogy research while I’ve been in Maine and that has included visiting graveyards to find Keith’s relatives. In searching for his great uncle Carl’s grave yesterday I found this one – now I want to bury Chesty in a graveyard with a headstone when he passes. Don’t you love it??


7 thoughts on “Graveyards

  1. Sandy

    Mary, I love it. Our little chiuahua is 14 and having some health issues, I hate to think about losing her, and I know you feel the same way about Chesty. I enjoy your blog.

  2. Susan

    I love it! I had a stone carved when our sheltie passed away a few years ago…not quite as fancy as this and it’s in the backyard not a cemetery, but it means just as much!

  3. Charla

    How sweet. It’s obvious he was loved by his owner. To non-dog animal lovers it may seem silly but I totally understand!

  4. meg

    Since Gom was cremated, I had Leo cremated also, and I have their ashes. I love old Cemetaries, and it is shame that modern cremations dont usually have memorials, though I know a lot do. Gom’s sister has her ‘best beloved’ in a casket, that she insists be buried with her.

  5. Carol

    Glad spot got his own spot. A cherished pet given a memorable departure. Our pet Yorkie is buried next to our home so he will never be forgotten. He was treated like one of our children and is sorely missed…..

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