In my own little world

After two people mentioned snow this weekend it occurred to me to go check the weather since we plan to be on the road very early Sunday….. this could be a problem since we have to drive right through the area forecasted to get the brunt of this storm.


We have very little room for modifying our plans due to Keith’s work schedule so we’re just going to have to see how this unfolds tomorrow.

13 thoughts on “In my own little world

  1. Deb Praus

    I was thinking about you today and your drive ahead. Thoughts will be with you as you make your decision. Looking forward to your being back in MN, safe and sound!

  2. Cyndi Holguin

    Will be praying for you both. Was thinking of you this afternoon after I heard the weather procast here. Looks like it is going to be a bad one. huh? Be very careful

  3. Linda in NE

    Looks like the drive could be nasty. Do what you need to do to be safe. Mother Nature doesn’t care about Keith’s work schedule. He might find that his schedule will have to be more flexible than he or his boss wants it to be. Just stay safe.

  4. Debbie

    Mary, you’ve made the most of your trip to Maine and as I have read about your adventures, I was thinking that the weather has been simply awful. It is not usually like this. I keep thinking we missed the foliage although it was around. Not many of us here are ready for this weather and it seems so early. The weathermen are describing it as historic. (Whatever! hehe) Hopefully most of the worst of the storm will be over late this evening.

    Here in little Goffstown, NH we are running around trying to get up the leaves and put away what’s left of the outside stuff. A little depressing and I’d better get back out there and help my husband!

    Hope you enjoyed your stay in the East and please, please, drive safely.

  5. Julie Rose

    It’s going to be a real No’easter alright!! Get an early start—on our South Ct Coast we don’t expect anything but rain until nightfall..if that helps you at all…we are battened (hahaha–bats?) down here. Good luck on your travels….Julierose

  6. Sue

    I’ve been reading your daily messages and you really had an interesting and busy vacation. I’m so glad you achieved so much and saw so much – especially with Keith’s genealogy! Be careful driving home.

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