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Overcast and cooler

Trying to decide if I want to build a fire or just go to bed early. I’ve got a headache probably from staring at the microfilm all day at the library but found lots of information about Keith’s great grandparents so it was worth it.


A full moon

After a wonderfully productive day at the Maine Historical Society Library, I came home to a beautiful full moon rising. Still playing with some special effects….


I’ve found the address that Keith’s great grandparents lived at for at least 30 years and it’s less than 2 miles from where we’re staying. Unfortunately, it appears the house is no longer there. There’s a local Historical Society that I’m going to check out – maybe I can find a photo or some more information. I’ve also narrowed down the years of their deaths to about 5 years. I need to search through the microfilm now to see if I can pinpoint the actual dates.

Last night’s finish

This was another top pieced by Sharon – I finished tying and binding it last night.


Tonight I got 3 more smallish tops tied but still have to bind all of them so I’ll share them when they’re done.

And another…

This one pieced by Rebecca….those centers may look black in the photo but they’re a lovely dark green. This one is backed with an autumn print from Brenda.


Fort Williams and the Portland Head Light

Another outing this afternoon to enjoy the beautiful weather.



Photo effects

Don’t you love cool apps? This is an actual photo I took this evening….with a border and a few effects.


And here’s one more


Still working

In between other activities I’m still working. Today was the first day it was really nice enough to sit on the deck to tie.


And I even finished the binding. I think this is a top pieced by Sharon.


It’s a gorgeous day

Perfect to sit on the rocks and watch the water. We also stopped in at the Lobster Shack for lunch and Keith was nice enough to wait in line. After lunch we checked out the gift shop and I found a Jim Shore lighthouse!




Keith’s back!

A walk on the beach yesterday evening and today I checked out the Maine Historical Society. No time for research today but I’ll head back next week and spend some time there.



Two more finishes

I might slow down a bit for the next few days because Keith is on his way back to Maine now. He’s only here a few days before traveling again so I’ll work less while he is here.

This first one was pieced by a group in CA from leftover flannel – it will be nice and warm for a recipient here in Maine.


And here’s the little one pieced by Jackie that I birthed and then tied. It worked out fine for a quilt this size and I may just try it on one or two of the larger ones I have left – we’ll see


The lighting isn’t the best on this one – I wish the deck got a little more sun but I won’t complain!

Birthing quilts

Have you ever birthed a quilt? When I first started quilting 11 years ago I made a couple quillows that were birthed but I’ve never done a quilt. I was talking to Jackie at the sew-in about whether it might be easier to birth the quilts where I don’t want to bring the backing around as binding than to apply a separate binding and she’d done it successfully with smaller quilts. SO we decided I should give it a try with a small one.


This first part was easy enough, I layered the batting, back, and top and pinned around the edges before stitching around …leaving a birthing hole of course.


Now I have to stitch up the birthing hole, tie it, and stitch once more around the edge…or maybe I should stitch around the edge before tying.

This is one of the tops pieced by Jackie.

Tying quilts

I had a couple questions about tying and decided it was easier to share a few photos than try to explain.

First, I have a complete tutorial on my website from a couple years ago when Jay first taught me how to tie a HeartStrings quilt.

I have found a curved needle works best for me, the tutorial on the website shows the straight needles that Jay likes to use.


I use a long thread doubled as Jay showed me and go from one spot to the next without cutting my thread.


Usually, I would go as far as my thread would allow and then cut and tie before doing the next section. But since I want to move this from my table to the chair to tie, I thread all the ties through first – they act like big basting stitches. I do not cut them yet.


When I’ve done this step for the entire quilt, I carry it to my chair and cut the ties at the midpoint only one small section at a time, tie them, and then move on to another section until I’m done.


This is definitely more comfortable than sitting at the table the entire time especially when you are tying multiple quilts.

An afternoon outing

One of my favorite places – Two Lights State Park


Of course, I had to send a “Where is Waldo” photo to Keith…he’s anxious to get back to Maine tomorrow.


Another favorite place….the Lobster Shack…where I had a yummy lobster roll for lunch.


And look at the sweetie waiting for me when I got back. He was a little cold this morning so I pulled out one of his sweaters. Isn’t he handsome? Much more photogenic than I am!


September’s UFO

This one was also finished last night. It’s my UFO for last month and just a little late.

As you can see the sun is out! Chesty and I have already been walking on the beach and now I’m headed out to find me a lobster roll for lunch!


A finish from yesterday

This top pieced by Sharon. I love the green backing on it.


Today’s goals

It’s rainy again so I’ll enjoy the views from inside and work on my to do list.


First up is finishing the hand stitching on the binding of my Sept UFO. With my detour to VA last week it didn’t get done. Then I’ll get another HeartStrings quilt tied. I might even get my knitting out later tonight.


While I hate endless rainy days, a few now and then give me the perfect excuse for staying tucked up inside and quilting.

It’s Happy Hour

And look what floated by as I sipped my wine and watched the sunset.


Thank you Jackie!!

At the sew-in last week Jackie mentioned that once she had the ties sewn in, she sat on the sofa while she was actually tying the quilt. Duh…what an excellent idea.


The quilt is stabilized and sitting on the sofa or in a comfy chair is way easier on my back than hunching over a table for hours and as you can see, Chesty prefers it too! You can see that I didn’t cut the ties into sections until I was ready to tie them.


This second HS top was pieced by Jane at the sew-in last week, now it’s tied, bound, and ready to donate.


Chesty loved the beach

I’m not the only one who enjoys walking on the beach. I’m so sorry Keith had to leave early this morning. It’s been a beautiful day.



Heading out for a walk

I finished the first quilt after tying it last night and then setting up the sewing machine when Keith left this morning.


How’s this for a balcony to photograph the finished quilts?


Brenda created the kit and Mavie pieced this one.

I’m going to take Chesty for a walk and head over to a local bakery. The rain is holding off for now but it’s expected to start back up tonight and continue through tomorrow.