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A drive up the coast

First we stopped in at the cemetery and then looked up Keith’s great aunt’s house on the coast. His family remembers visiting Aunt Madeline but it was up to me to find the house.


And the fall colors have been slow to come to Portland but we’re hoping to see a little more today.


3 more finished

I finished the bindings last night on 3 more of the HeartStrings quilts. The first two were pieced by Darlene.



I’m not sure who pieced this one with blue centers. Maybe Rebecca or Sharon?


Repeating myself

Still binding, knitting, and spending time researching Keith’s side of the family. Found his great grandmother’s grave today and his great aunt was buried there too – a bonus!

Bound 2 quilts…I’ll share photos tomorrow.

Sunsets have been subtle rather than dramatic but I love the change in light over the water.


Another library day

While I spent most of the day in the library yesterday and today, I also got 3 quilts tied…that means there are 3 waiting for binding. I also pulled my knitting back out. I started this Contessa Shawl from Morehouse Farm a couple weeks ago but I’ve only been knitting sporadically. Here’s their photo….


And here’s mine in progress



Last week I found 3 different cemeteries that Keith had relatives buried in so we visited one today to find his great grandparents. Also found a couple of his grandfather’s brothers but no luck finding his grandfather. I’ll keep looking for his death info which I’m hoping will lead me to the right cemetery.



I also got back to work on tying quilts today. I’ve got two small ones ready for binding.


Keith’s brother and sister-in-law are visiting for the weekend.


One, two, three

Pieced by Jane, here’s an oversized Happy Block quilt.


Pieced by Mary in Maine, brights with black centers


And finally another top from the CA group is done too.


Another rainy day

But my brother-in-law and sister-in-law arrive today to spend the weekend with us and the weather is supposed to clear up tomorrow. Tonight we drove up to the LLBean store and had dinner in Freeport.


More genealogy and binding

After a drive to the airport today to pick Keith up and a quick lunch at Becky’s Diner, I dropped Keith off and headed to the small Historical Society Museum here in South Portland. With the help of the historian there, I saw what was most likely the house that Keith’s great grandparents lived in for years…unfortunately the house is no longer standing and a grocery store is there now.

Coming back “home” I decided this rainy day was suited to sewing and started in on some binding.


Love this one!

This is a fairly common string quilt variation but I LOVE the use of different colors for the wedges in this quilt. I’ve had one of these quilts on my list for a while and I might just have to recreate this antique version found on eBay.and just look, it’s been tied!