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Repeating myself

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Still binding, knitting, and spending time researching Keith’s side of the family. Found his great grandmother’s grave today and his great aunt was buried there too – a bonus!

Bound 2 quilts…I’ll share photos tomorrow.

Sunsets have been subtle rather than dramatic but I love the change in light over the water.



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Last week I found 3 different cemeteries that Keith had relatives buried in so we visited one today to find his great grandparents. Also found a couple of his grandfather’s brothers but no luck finding his grandfather. I’ll keep looking for his death info which I’m hoping will lead me to the right cemetery.



I also got back to work on tying quilts today. I’ve got two small ones ready for binding.

More genealogy and binding

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After a drive to the airport today to pick Keith up and a quick lunch at Becky’s Diner, I dropped Keith off and headed to the small Historical Society Museum here in South Portland. With the help of the historian there, I saw what was most likely the house that Keith’s great grandparents lived in for years…unfortunately the house is no longer standing and a grocery store is there now.

Coming back “home” I decided this rainy day was suited to sewing and started in on some binding.