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All packed and ready to go

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No sewing today but I did get to the library. I’ve connected with a cousin of Keith’s Dad in Sweden so I’ve been able to find a little more information about the family that stayed there. Very cool!

I leave in the morning for VA and while I didn’t get to see Caleb at Thanksgiving, they’ll be coming to VA this weekend to join in our McLaughlin family get together and I’m anxious to see him again. Adam did share this photo — holiday eating is apparently hard work!


Done but no photo

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I’m really struggling to get through my list before this next trip and today I realized I won’t get everything done I wanted to do.

I did get the 2nd top quilted for Mom, a cute baby quilt with Owls but I forgot to take a photo before packing it.

Tomorrow will probably be devoted to errands and packing but I may get some more circles appliquéd.

I usually hate machine appliqué

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I rarely do any appliqué especially machine appliqué but I’m stitching down these circles with an open zig zag and it’s not too bad.


Doesn’t my floor look like its filling up? I’m spending some time on and off fusing and machine stitching these circles. This quilt is on my To Do List but it’s NOT the priority – oh well…at least some progress is being made.



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For the first time this month, Keith and I are actually going to be home for a few days at the same time. We took a walk earlier and are going to have dinner and movie here at home tonight.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday – ours will be quiet but we’re looking forward to that.

I wasn’t smiling earlier

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I’d like to blame Mom but it was my poor memory that caused my problems today. I pulled a top of hers to quilt and found the backing wasn’t pieced, went upstairs to piece it, loaded it and the batting and it was too SMALL for the quilt.

By this point I’m thinking that wasn’t the backing but I can’t find anything else here so I call Mom and she thinks I told her I’d make a backing from my stash for it. I think this top has been here too long when I can’t remember a detail like that but I’m sure she’s right.

I figure it’s not a big problem, I’ll just pull a smaller HeartStrings top and use the backing since its already loaded….only I don’t have any small ones here. I don’t have any tops here small enough.

So up to the sewing room to make a Quick Strippie. One hour and 10 minutes from start to finish including the cutting and it’s so cute that I’m smiling now!



It won’t get quilted until tomorrow because I’ve got one I’m going to sit and bind this evening.