All packed and ready to go

No sewing today but I did get to the library. I’ve connected with a cousin of Keith’s Dad in Sweden so I’ve been able to find a little more information about the family that stayed there. Very cool!

I leave in the morning for VA and while I didn’t get to see Caleb at Thanksgiving, they’ll be coming to VA this weekend to join in our McLaughlin family get together and I’m anxious to see him again. Adam did share this photo — holiday eating is apparently hard work!


8 thoughts on “All packed and ready to go

  1. Ann

    Ahhh too cute! I think if adults could do that sometimes it would feel so good! Have a safe trip and I hope we have snow when you return to MN.

  2. Flatlander (Linda)

    Well, that’s the proverbial “Turkey Snooze” after dinner if I ever saw one! Adorable … enjoy your time with him.

  3. Cyndi Holguin

    Too Cute that turkey just gets a hold of you and doesn’t let go until you fall asleep. hehehe He is so cute.

  4. Sue Anderson

    I kinda felt the same way after eating turkey! What fun you’re going to have this weekend when Caleb arrives.

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