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2 more down – 2 to go

I finished the bindings on these two HeartStrings tops last night – thank goodness for OnDemand – watching mindless TV makes the time fly by as I get caught up.

This one was pieced by AnnG for our latest HeartStrings project

And this one was pieced by Jan.

One more HeartStrings to bind and one of mine and then if I have time before heading to GA to meet my Mom, sister, and SIL to see the kids I’ll get another one loaded but today is Tuesday so I’m heading out to the library this afternoon.

In the zone

I’m still binding – funny how I get in the groove and can move from one to the other. Sometimes the hardest part is just getting started.

This HeartStrings quilt was pieced by Jan.


Three down — four to go.

Making progress

Some more binding today as well as another top quilted.

This one was pieced by Karen.


Isn’t this corner sweet with the ladybug?


Plans go awry

Sometimes what I intend doesn’t happen. I did plan to quilt a couple tops to send to Alycia this week but I needed to get a few other things done first. In the meantime I am working on some binding for HeartStrings and am almost finished #2 of 6 quilts I have here waiting for binding and those tops will get done hopefully later this month.

Keith leaves tomorrow and I plan to get some quilting done…and then more binding.

In the meantime – I upgraded my iPhone and iPad to OS5 and now the photos I take on my iPhone magically appear on my iPad and computer.

A walk this afternoon showed that winter is just around the corner. See — almost no leaves left on these trees.


And look who can’t resist checking email on our walk…..of course, I stopped first to take photos.



This one finished last night – pieced by Cindy

I did get a quilt loaded and started this afternoon but ended up picking out the stitching — I’ll try again tomorrow.

Warming up…

While I love tying quilts, it’s nice to be home and back to the longarm. I’m warming up this morning with a small HeartStrings quilt pieced by AnnG during our last project.

After that it will be trimming and binding while I continue to contemplate the quilting on a top of mine that needs to get done ASAP. It’s one reason I love these HeartStrings quilts – I can quilt anything I want and they always look good.

I love technology

We travel so much that I’ve got my VoiceMail from the home phone set to email me when we have a message -then I just call to check messages when I received an email showing one had been left.

Now, they’ve added a transcription option and while it’s not perfect (Note they misspelled Chesty’s name), I don’t even have to call in for the messages – they come right to my email. We have our phone through Comcast in case you were wondering.

You have a new Voicemail message from: 612-825-6859.

“Hello this is Tanya calling from uptown veterinarian just calling to remind you that we have an appointment scheduled for Chelsea tomorrow at three o’clock. If you have any questions or need to get a hold of us our phone number is 6128256859. Thank you.”

Where to start

It’s hard to believe but between the trips to the North Shore, two trips to Maine, and a trip to Virginia I have basically been gone from home the last 8 weeks with the exception of a day or two here and there. I have another trip in 10 days and lots of unpacking and reorganizing to do but I’m anxious to get back to work.

I was wondering just where to jump back in with my quilting and then read this post of Alycia’s and knew I needed to help out. I may have a couple that are already finished that I can send right away but I’ll work on getting these two tops quilted and bound in the next few weeks and out in the mail to her.



My website – part two

I did say I’d received two notes this week!

Marti sent photos of a Boxed Squares quilt she’d made and hand quilted – it’s just gorgeous and I love how her combination of X’s and straight line quilting compliment the quilt.

She was also very creative with her backing.



My website

I assume most of my readers are familiar with my website where I post brief instructions for my scrap quilts. They’re not fancy patterns and I don’t post fabric amounts because I just pull from my shelves until I have enough blocks made but I’m always thrilled when I get a note from someone that they’ve used the instructions to make a quilt of their own.

This week I’ve gotten two notes with photos. This first one sent by Leanne is a gorgeous Double 4 Patch in blues. You can see a couple other photos including her very cute back by following the above link to her website.


Double 4 Patch Instructions

I’ve also got a slightly easier version that I posted that doesn’t take as much effort to get the blocks all rotated in the right direction.

The view from my window

We’re home safe and sound. Thanks for all the good wishes for our drive – it was long but uneventful.


One last cup of coffee

We should be home by early afternoon but first one last cup of Dunkin Donut coffee!