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10 days until the next trip

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I’m not sure how much I can get done — after all I still have things I haven’t even unpacked from Maine yet — but I needed to start a new quilt.

I’ve got all the Drunkard’s path sub blocks sewn – just need to sew the rest of them into groups of 4.

And this is where I’m going with this quilt in case you didn’t remember — it’s one I designed a while ago. I’ve been wanting to do a pink and green quilt so I’m using pink rather than the purple.

My sewing goals for the next 10 days will be:

Quilt 4 tops

Bind 2 quilts

Sew a hanging sleeve on a quilt

And get as much piecing done as possible

A present for Adam?

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Or for us?? This is why We gave Adam an iPad!

Don’t mind the less than flattering photo of me in the top corner!! We don’t have wireless at the condo and Chris canceled his in protest a couple months ago so I just did a quick trial while sitting in Atlanta Bread. Caleb is very interactive talking and blowing kisses!!

Speaking of the condo….I left this afternoon and unfortunately we won’t be back for several months.


I did good!

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When looking at my overall goals, I tend to break them up into what I want to accomplish between trips. I’m heading out again but I was able to bind 7 quilts and quilt 3 tops so I’m happy.

This was the last one….tomorrow will be spent getting ready to leave.
One of our RWB HeartStrings quilts, pieced by me and quilted with a Swirly version of Dwirling from the Pajama Quilter DVD – one of my favorites for these quilts.


So fun to quilt!


Do you have a staging area?

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My staging area is the railing in the kitchen.

We live in a smallish 3 story townhouse with my sewing room on the top floor, the longarm on the bottom floor, and our living room where I finish off all of my bindings in the middle.

The railing is where I place tops, backs, and finished quilts needing washing going DOWN, and quilts needing binding either going UP to the sewing room or waiting for me to hand stitch them.

The more work I get done the worse the railing looks — I’ll need to clean it off before Keith comes home!