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This is one of the reasons I love this app. I can either draw on a whiteboard or pull my quilt photo into the program and draw right on the quilt. And with a 0.99 cent addition, you get multiple layers so you can try several ideas and toggle them on and off at will without having to save a bunch of photos or redraw.


Don’t ask me why I’m still playing instead of sleeping at 4:50am. I’m so tired I can’t stand it but I can’t seem to sleep. To much to think about with the holidays, the kids visiting, and random other thoughts and worries.

11 thoughts on “Adobe Ideas

  1. JoAnne S.

    Mary, I know just what you mean about sleeping. My hubby is in NC, taking care of elderly parents, and I’m joining him tonight. Sure hope I relax and get some sleep when we’re back in the same bed! My adrenaline has been flowing for the last 10 days and I’m ready to crash and burn. Hope you settle down soon and get some rest also.

  2. SharO

    Plase share again the name of this app. I think I’ve asked before but
    did not get around to ordering it and I’ve lost that note.

  3. susan rizzi

    I second the request for the name of the app. I am still working my way around learning the IPad and have no clue about the apps. Maybe, after the holidays, you would be so kind as to list the apps you use and what you use them for? That would be a great help to all of us who are more “Apple challenged” so to speak.

    I love reading your blog adn seeing all the pictures you post of your neighorhood and travels.

    Thank you and have a great holiday with your family!

  4. Char

    This post was just what I was looking for. I got a surprise IPad 2 and the first thing I thought about was all the ideas you post that were created with your IPad. Thanks for this post, I can’t wait to get started!

  5. Deb Myers

    uuuh oh… bet you get tired of people asking the name of the app when you clearly put it right in the title~~ whoops!! sorry ’bout that…thanks for humoring me(us) and letting me(us) know the title!

  6. SharO

    I just did a 2 minute search and read the reviews on the Adobe Ideas.
    It does not have good reviews. Inkpad does however. I think it will
    take some more searching and reading of reviews.

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