My little cutie!

Leala, my nephew’s wife took photos of all 7 great grandchildren at our reunion/birthday party and framed them together in black in white for my Mom for Xmas. She had each of the kids holding a letter and then placed the kids in age order …their letters spelled Grandma! Here’s a favorite one of mine that she took of Caleb.


6 thoughts on “My little cutie!

  1. Susan

    How wonderful that you have seven great-grandchildren, the amount needed to spell the word Grandma! That will be a gift to treasure! Caleb as always looks darling inspecting his letter :o)

  2. Karen

    A belated Merry Christmas to you, Mary!

    I enjoyed seeing your Grandson Caleb! He is such a cute little guy. That was a great idea giving each child a letter to hold spelling Grandma and giving her the picture for a gift!

    Love the postcards!

    Have a Happy New Year.


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