Dresden Plate

Dresden Plates are one of my favorite quilt patterns — I’ve always wanted to make one so when I saw this antique quilt on eBay, I started thinking. I’d signed up for the Take a Stitch Tuesday project on Pin Tangle but I’m not much for practice pieces so I knew I’d need to have some kind of blocks to work on and I love fans and Dresden Plate quilts that have been embroidered. One concern is that usually the number of stitches used on these types of quilt are limited but I’m going to give it a shot anyway and see what happens.


Here’s the start of my first block. I used my Accuquilt GO to cut the blades and circle and it’s a little fuller at the center than it should be but the embroidery will hide that small flaw. Don’t ask me why but I’m going to needle turn the outside edges and fuse the circle. Both will have covering stitches.


I’m still thinking about thread but think I want to use black perle cotton on all the blades. Where the blocks come together there will be an opportunity to add more embroidery or embellishment. Wish me luck!

Now I need to head back downstairs to quilt more of my Irish Chain blocks … There are 80 in this quilt and I’m more than half way done now … I’ve done 24 today but I need to pick up my pace.

5 thoughts on “Dresden Plate

  1. vicki boschman

    I too love dresdan and am quite taken by what you are doing Barb. I also like the solid colors. Do you mind if I “copy your idea”? Please let me know – I don’t wish to offend.

  2. Evelyn

    It will be pretty! Have you considered sewing very light weight interfacing right sides together to the plates and then turning them right-side out? I have done this before for baby quilts and it works nicely. I even really cheated once and used a light weight fusable interfacing and once the unit was turned right side out the fusing was in the perfect spot to actually fuse it down to the fabric and then I used my machine blanket stitch to secure it all – but the fusing prevented it from slipping. Probably with hand embroidery it might be too thick, but if you ever are looking for a faster way to finish it (coming from a person who does not enjoy hand sewing as much as some of my friends do!). Cheers! Evelyn

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