My Irish Chain

Done! Photographed (with my new Nikon 1 camera)! You get two shots — it was a bit windy but I love this photo of the quilt flying in the breeze.

Here’s the posed shot – pieced by Mom, finally finished by me 8+ years later!

And since I was playing with the camera – a shot of Chesty – love how quick the camera is.

Keith of course is ready for me to put the camera away!

38 thoughts on “My Irish Chain

  1. Marilyn

    Your quilt is so beautiful Very crisp—- Wow Minneapolis in December and not only no snow but green grass—weird. Happy New Year

  2. Ann

    Gorgeous Mary. You and your mom do nice work. Love the pictures of “the guys” too. Have a safe and happy New Years. Sounds like we will be having some snow as we ring in the new year.

  3. Dora, the quilter

    Love the Double Irish Chain. I’m thinking about making a new Triple Irish Chain since I never got my other one back from my mom. Love the red and white.
    As for the snow–I’m really, really trying to send you what we’ve had over the last two weeks. I don’t think it’s going. It spent most of the time either falling or evaporating, and now it’s becoming part of the mud! Really, I’m trying to get that jet stream to move toward you!

  4. SaraF

    No one will believe you took that top photo outside in Minnesota with the green grass. Your camera does take nice pictures.

  5. Vicky F

    Hi Mary,
    Gorgeous photos and your quilt is marvelous! You’ll forget about the teeny weeny mistakes once you move on to other quilts. No one but you is going to see them!
    Vicky F

  6. Linda in NE

    Beautiful quilt. It’s a big one, isn’t it? Chesty is being his usual cute self, even though you caught him in mid-lick, and Keith’s expression kind of says it all doesn’t it? Happy New Year’s.

  7. Mary C in WA

    I’ve seen that look before…My Dh gets it from me when he zooms in too far and keeps taking pictures after I am done with the one I asked him to take. Love the quilt flying in the breeze. Enjoy sleeping under it for the New Year!

  8. joAnne

    Love the pics! Beautiful quilt and good-looking guys. Keith is sporting the same haircut as my DH – love it!

  9. Aline

    Beautiful quilt. Red and white is so eye catching. Did you use all the same red fabric? Are those squares 1 1/2 finished. Very nice pic with the wind blowing.

  10. Ann

    Absolutely love the quilt! You and your mom make beautiful quilts together. Congrats on the new camera, your pictures are great. Wishing you a wonderful 2012.

  11. Annette

    Mary, I love the quilt and like several others, I like it flying in the wind. Happy New Year to you and Keith.

  12. Marillyn Smith

    Mary, it looks incredible. I am a big fan of two color quilts…so sharp, clean and refreshing. I have a red and white almost done (one more border) It was to be for our guest bedroom but DIL fell in love with it, so she will be getting it.

    Hope you plan on sleeping under it tonight. Love the picture in the wind, love Chesty with his tongue shot, and the one of Keith is great! BTW, he has my DH haircut too, only my DH has white hair!

    Happy New Year to the 3 of you! Back to watching football for the evening (or I could keep working on this baby quilt). Baby is due in 2 weeks.

    Here’s to 2012!

  13. Cindy B.

    The flying quilt pic is wonderful! Your guys are looking great too.

    Blessed Wishes for the new year and thanks for all of the pics and non-verbal support over the past year.
    Cindy B.

  14. Becky in KCMO

    I love the quilt, and the quilting! My, how lucky you are to have a red and white quilt that is so beautiful. There is a reason Irish Chains are still popular! Love the results with the new camera. Have a happy year!

  15. Laurie B

    LOVE the Irish Chain – I think it is my favoritest quilt pattern of all time! You’ve done a lovely job with this – it is just BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Congratulations on a lovely heirloom!

  16. Dianne King

    It’s just gorgeous, Mary! Irish chain is such a classic, and in red and white it just sings! Need to put one of those on my list one of these days…

  17. Flatlander (Linda)

    LOVE the quilt … a real treasure. Two color quilts are too often overlooked. Did you see the show in NYC recently (only up for a week) of nothing but red/white quilts? Amazing!! Let me know if you’d like to see some pictures. Your camera is wonderful; such clarity … my DH is a Nikon guy and he takes fabulous pictures at work to show customers details … as they say, pictures are worth a thousand words! Finally (but NOT the least important). Absolutely love the picture of Chesty … he’s so WHITE!! Did he get a Holiday bath and trim? Looking good … both of those guys … the one with the further and the one without! LOL

  18. nikki

    The quilt is gorgeous. Congrats on a finish. Love Keith’s expression, really speaks! Chesty made me long for my Winston.

  19. JudyCnNC

    Never met an Irish Chain quilt I did not like – and this is doubly terrific because I never met a red and white quilt I did not like. Love, Love this quilt Mary – terrific quilting on it. Thanks for sharing it with us. Judy C

  20. AnnieQuilts

    Love the red and white Irish Chain flying in the wind like a magic carpet. It’s given me an idea for some special red I’ve been saving.

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