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I wanted a heart label for Chris’ quilt so I asked Mom to fuse and send me a small and larger heart that I could layer together and write on.


I like that it’s a label that stands out when the quilt is just tossed aside – after all, how often do we really look at our labels after the first time we get a quilt? He’ll see this and feel the love both Mom and I put into this quilt.


And look, Mom made me extra!


2012 UFO Challenge

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I’m planning on participating in JudyL’s UFO Challenge again next year. I’ve made my list and I’m ready to complete one per month.

1. Pineapple
2. Framed Rectangles
3. Lattice
4. Green/black/white rail fence
5. Green/purple rail fence
6. Brown/yellow bricks
7. Baskets
8. Green/purple drunkards path
9. Carpenter Star
10. Autumn Orange Peel
11. Homespun Rails
12. Sashed 9 patch – still in pieces!

Adobe Ideas

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This is one of the reasons I love this app. I can either draw on a whiteboard or pull my quilt photo into the program and draw right on the quilt. And with a 0.99 cent addition, you get multiple layers so you can try several ideas and toggle them on and off at will without having to save a bunch of photos or redraw.


Don’t ask me why I’m still playing instead of sleeping at 4:50am. I’m so tired I can’t stand it but I can’t seem to sleep. To much to think about with the holidays, the kids visiting, and random other thoughts and worries.

There’s good and bad

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The good is that I started to quilt the Irish Chain, the bad thing is I messed up in the first few seconds of quilting …. Of course, more good news — it takes the pressure off since I’ve already made errors.

I should have played a little on the iPad before starting but thought I could just do a little freehand wreath….my whole first row is a bit backwards but I think I figured it out for the rest of the quilt.

Had I played first, I might have used this cute little feathery flowery thing in the alternate blocks but it’s too late now. I’ll have to use it somewhere else.


Or this one may be a better idea of how it would look with thread although I like the thicker line.


One more MUST do item

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I know I won’t get everything on my list completed before the end of the year and that’s ok because there have been other additions to the list that were completed. However, this is the final UFO for the year …. my oldest….pieced by Mom as a gift for me. I kept thinking that one day my quilting would be good enough to do it justice but no more waiting, it’s just time to get it done. It’s loaded on the longarm and ready for me to start.


Today was my library day and I was thrilled to finally find the record of my grandparents’ marriage. My Mom’s mother died when she was young and my grandfather remarried so Mom’s stepmother was the only grandmother I knew.


I don’t know how old I was when this was taken but my grandfather died when I was 8. It looks like he was already ill in this photo.

Travel Plans

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I was gone so much this year I’m surprised I got anything done…next year is already shaping up to be just as busy. So far on the travel agenda…

Jan – Atlanta, St. Thomas
Feb – Florida, Virginia for Mid Atlantic Quilt Show
March – ?? Denmark
April – Georgia, Virginia
May – Virginia, Kansas City for MQS
June – Italy

I’m sure there will be other trips added and I haven’t even looked at travel for the last six months of 2012. It’s a good thing I love traveling as much as I love being home!

One more check

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Sorry for the photo but my design wall isn’t up and I didn’t want to run downstairs to snap this. I’m cleaning up the sewing room since we have company coming in a couple days.

I take up all the room in the house for my sewing so guests sleep on a sofa bed in the living room but I do have them keep their suitcases up in my sewing room so they’re out of the way and so Chesty doesn’t get in them.

I finished this top last night – went with a darker border than planned because the center of the quilt is so bright, the red one seemed too light.


Looking at my bin of bright strings you can’t even tell I’ve used any.


I’ve been bad about cutting binding after finishing tops so I went ahead and cut them for this top and the Drunkard’s Path and Circles finished earlier this month. It can be a year (or 3) before I get around to quilting some of my tops and by then the fabric I’ve intended for bindings is gone or lost somewhere in my stash. I store them in small baggies and label them.


I even pieced the backing for this top before heading downstairs to fix Lasagna for dinner!

Poor Keith

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I always seem to ruin his surprises. We were going to the mall to have my iPad looked at and I told him I wanted to go to the Pandora store to get a charm with a pearl to represent my birthstone.

So to keep me from buying one tonight, he gave me my present early. It’s mother of pearl hearts. How sweet!


Genealogy Apps

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I’ve been using the Ancestry app on my iPad for a while and recent updates makes it even better but I’ve found another favorite app.

I’ve been struggling with a way to keep/organize research notes and I’ve finally found an app that works well for me. It’s called Index Cards and I’m able to group them by person and family as well as sort, color code, and export my data. It’s just perfect.


A little work tonight

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I finished up the binding on the Spiderweb last night and will share a photo this weekend when Keith is here to hold it up for me. Tonight, I pulled out a set of HeartStrings blocks that I had just barely started…I plan on finishing up the top before the end of the year. It’s just a small child’s quilt and I seem to have misplaced the striped border fabric I wanted to use but this one will work too if I don’t find the other. Half the blocks are done now and I’ll work on the others tomorrow.


And is there anything better than a fresh blade in your rotary cutter? I can’t remember the last time I bought blades but luckily I had some new ones here.