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Slow but making progress

Still quilting on the Irish Chain. I didn’t touch it at all while Chris was here but my goal is still to finish it by the end of the year.


I did say quick!

The top is done … It will have to wait for quilting until the Irish Chain is finished.


Mary’s Quick Strippie Instructions.

A quick Strippie

I should be quilting but while I’m waiting for a phone call from my nephew who’s setting up mom’s new phone I thought I’d get started on this one.


Christmas past

While we thoroughly enjoy our recent Christmas tradition in Minneapolis with Chris and Becky, we remember all the other Christmas’ spent with loved ones and I especially miss Adam.


I wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope you are celebrating with your loved ones.

He loves it

It’s a fairly big quilt and Chris tried to hold it up for me to get a photo … It’s almost straight.


We went tropical

We had some snow earlier today and there’s even a dusting still on the ground but since we couldn’t go skiing, we went tropical tonight




They’re here!

Can you imagine how big a smile I have on MY face?


Yep, it’s Christmas

If I’m baking, it’s Christmas! I’ve got all 3 doughs made and chilling in the fridge and we head to the airport in 20 minutes!



I wanted a heart label for Chris’ quilt so I asked Mom to fuse and send me a small and larger heart that I could layer together and write on.


I like that it’s a label that stands out when the quilt is just tossed aside – after all, how often do we really look at our labels after the first time we get a quilt? He’ll see this and feel the love both Mom and I put into this quilt.


And look, Mom made me extra!


2012 UFO Challenge

I’m planning on participating in JudyL’s UFO Challenge again next year. I’ve made my list and I’m ready to complete one per month.

1. Pineapple
2. Framed Rectangles
3. Lattice
4. Green/black/white rail fence
5. Green/purple rail fence
6. Brown/yellow bricks
7. Baskets
8. Green/purple drunkards path
9. Carpenter Star
10. Autumn Orange Peel
11. Homespun Rails
12. Sashed 9 patch – still in pieces!